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Bamidele Olumilua- Former Governor of Ondo State, Nigeria (1992-1993).
Bamidele  5/9/2017
Bamidele is usually given to a child born outside the parents' home country. For example a child born abroad will be called BAMI a shortened form. As rightly said, it means ba mi de ile ( follow me home) and it is different from Bamitale which is usually given to an abiku for they die suddenly and leave the parent(s) in bereavement.
bayolekan  3/28/2007
Bayolekan is correct about the meaning of the name. It is a name given to a child born outside of his/her parents' usual home/region, with the parents' intention of returning to their usual home/region after a while.
Bamidele  5/9/2017
It means "come home with me," usually given to a child that is thought to be an "Abiku". That is a child that is considered to be the reincarnation of a previous child that died young.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2005

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