Biblical Characters: 1 character
Bartholomew   (m)   Matt. 10:3/John 21:2  
Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 1 explorer
Bartolomeu Dias (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   1450-1500  
Other Leaders: 1 prime minister
Prime Minister Bertie Ahern (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   1997-2008   Ireland  
Saints: 15 blessed, 5 saints
Saint Bartholomew   ?-72  
Saint Bartholomew of Grottaferrata   ?-1050  
Saint Bartholomew of Farne   ?-1193  
Blessed Bartholomew Buonpedoni   1228-1300  
Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza   ?-1270  
Blessed Bartolomeo of Montepulciano (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   ?-1330  
Blessed Bartolomeo of Cervere (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   1420-1466  
Blessed Bartolomeo Fanti (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   1443-1495  
Blessed Bartolomeo di Foresto (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   ?-1489  
Blessed Bartolomeu Fernandes dos Martires (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   1514-1590  
Saint Alban Bartholomew Roe   1583-1642  
Blessed Bartholomew Sheki   ?-1619  
Blessed Bartholomew Monfiore   ?-1622  
Blessed Bartholomew Shikiemon   ?-1622  
Blessed Bartolomé Laurel Dias (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   ?-1627  
Blessed Bartolomé Gutierrez (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   ?-1632  
Blessed Bartolomeu Alvarez (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   ?-1737  
Saint Bartholomew Chong Mun-ho   1801-1866  
Blessed Bartolo Longo (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   1841-1926  
Blessed Bartolomé Blanco Márquez (a.k.a. Bartholomew)   1914-1936  
Shakespearian Characters: 1 character
Bartholomew   Taming of the Shrew