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Beavis is one of the title characters from the show Beavis and Butt-head. Beavis is a complete idiot. Now the name Beavis is used to disparage someone as being particularly stupid.
― Anonymous User  12/15/2005
Oh God, don't name your child this!
lovelydove  6/6/2007
Oh, God! I hope no one names their child this. It's synonymous with stupidity.
LlamaLover131  3/12/2008
The series is becoming less popular. I think in a number of years this would make a fine name. Maybe not a first, but a middle name.
― Anonymous User  9/4/2008
I didn't even know this was a real name! Lol. Well, personally I don't really like the end sound "vis" in a name, like Davis and Elvis. Doesn't roll off the tounge nicely.

But hey, if you use this as a first name in America anytime soon, just hope he has a great sense of humor! (No matter how weird a name is, a good attitude makes it work. Never be ashamed of your name!)
not_another_Jessica  11/13/2008
The "Beavis and Butthead" association will never leave.
number1212  12/17/2008
Well, it is preferable to Butthead.
vomiting  1/4/2010
Ugly. People will be asking him if he has a friend named Butthead.
Black_X  8/15/2010
I realize I'm stating the obvious here but I'll do it anyway. This is a really, really, really awful name. Anyone out there who actually bears this name has my condolences.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2016
Heh, I didn't know that this was a real name either. I like the show (as you can tell by my username), but I would NOT recommend naming your son after a character like Beavis, he'd definitely be picked on.
TheGreatCornholio  3/16/2018

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