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I don't know if she's famous, but I still remember the Amelia Bedelia books! :-D.
-- pei_yC  5/26/2006
Until a few years ago, I thought this was just a funny-sounding word-name the author of those wonderful books came up with to ryme with Amelia!
-- susiejean  6/12/2008
Look what you've done, Herman Parish. Taken an infernally infantile name and turned it into an infernally infantile name associated with a character doomed to interpret every instruction literally, with a side order of indefatigable pluck and cushier job security than Dr. House. Thank for for ensuring that people will never attempt to pass this off as anything other than a childish nickname. For your service to babies everywhere, you should be awarded the coveted Golden Pacifier.
-- Wilted  6/15/2010
Amelia Bedelia, anyone? I didn't even know this was a real name before today! I thought the author just made something up to rhyme with Amelia!
-- PrincessLeia  10/6/2011
Amelia Bedelia. And I hate this name.
-- SEC908  11/3/2012
Bedelia du Maurier is a character in the TV series Hannibal.
-- una_tal_ia  2/19/2015
The unavoidably "Bed" part of the name pulls me away. Not to mention that "Bedelia" sounds like a type of name a little kid would make up.
-- Anonymous User  5/26/2015
Actress Bonnie Bedelia, born Bonnie Bedelia Culkin.
-- cej  10/20/2015
Oh my, from my childhood of all those "Amelia Bedelia" books, I always assumed "Bedelia" was made up, LOL! I honestly thought the author just wanted a very silly, made-up name that rhymed with Amelia to grab children's attention. I had no idea this was an actual name.

I dislike it. I don't care for the "Beh" sound or the fact that it has "bed" right in it.
-- Anonymous User  5/26/2016
Very surprised to see this is an actual name! I always assumed it was a silly, made-up last name in "Amelia Bedelia."
-- silly_rabbit  9/22/2016

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