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You'd have to have a few marbles missing to name a kid this. It's not even tempting, because it sounds atrocious.
kayisforkeen  8/18/2018
The Zebub fly is a Abyssinian blood sucking pest that feed on cattle and it breeds in the sewers in the black earth along the river Nile. It's similar to the tsetse fly. Maybe Beelzbub the prince of darkness is really just another name for Dracula. Just another bloodsucker.
Timmye00  2/13/2016
Be el zi bub, I was told by 3 scholars in spain that in spanish, it is not baal servant but the devil himself/lucifer, you reply welcome, lezlow111@youtube. Com.
lezlow111  7/20/2013
Diminutives, nicknames, MC names: Big B, BZ Bub and the Beezlebub Bunch, Beez in the Trap, The Female Beezy.
Wilted  10/3/2012
For the sake of your reputation, please do not name your child Beelzebub. Even if it didn't have satanic ties and a horrible meaning, it just doesn't sound like a nice child name. I only picture an insect or a big, scary, grumbling monster.
Puzyri  9/21/2011
When Jesus was casting out demons, the Pharisees accused him of driving out demons by the power of Beelzebub, prince of demons. Beelzebub is known as one of the seven princes of Hell. So yeah, this is not a name to name your child.
shelbylynn  6/24/2011
This name is just cruel to be using. It sounds like a name that Satanists would name their kid. I doubt anyone has ever used it, though.
bananarama  1/27/2010
I like this name, but I dislike the devil connotations. I only like it because it is a name in Bohemian Rhapsody, and it sounds cool!
lillyanna  1/18/2010
I always wondered how was this name connected to the Devil. It always reminded me of bees. Blah, horrible, horrible, stinging name. I would use it as a name for a character on a short story. It would be funny.
yael5012_y  6/14/2009
Mwahahaha, you'd have to be insane to use this on a child, as people would think you're either a Satanic cult member, an immature teen parent who thought it would be funny, or some type of angst-ridden, miserable contrarian who wants to make a statement and shock people. A guy named Beelzebub might have some trouble in corporate America. But this would be SUCH a funny middle name. Funny, not mature, sophisticated, or nice-sounding.
slight night shiver  5/16/2008
I've always heard it meant demon or satan. Oh, PLEASE don't name your child this!
― Anonymous User  7/6/2007
"Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me
for me
---"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2007
Beelzebub is one of Satan's chief men in Eoin Colfer's book 'The Wish List'.
srr  11/2/2006
This name is so funny!
FairyGirl  9/18/2006
*snorts* This name is hilarious! Makes me think of beetles, or a name from Harry Potter. *laughs* Beezlebub...
ekatz7  7/21/2006
This is NOT a good name!
― Anonymous User  3/2/2006
Indeed, no. It is a name which, in my opinion, illustrates [the root of] a certain *cough* religion's history of mocking other faiths and cultures, a practice which would be deemed to be barbaric today but has not been corrected or abhored by members of this faith. The origin of the name disgusts me, it's awful, and if members of this certain faith which did such mocking, heard their god taken under such mockery, why there'd be a hypocritical outrage.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2006

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