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Behar it's not an Albanian word. It must be Persian. Which is a nice name.
summer=vere (alb)
lazaros  7/15/2008
Indeed, it must be of Persian origin, but, dear lazarus, verë/vera is Latin etymology. See the words for spring: Pranvera (alb) and Primavera (it).
clausangeloh  6/21/2010
Behar or bahar is a persian word for SPRING.
mnlovely  11/29/2015
Verë means summer in Albanian, this is from Persian.
cutenose  4/29/2016
According to what I can make out of Google's Translate, Behar does/did indeed mean "summer" in Albanian... but it also meant "spring" or in general the two warmer seasons of year, versus the two colder seasons (autumn and winter). The word is probably archaic and/or now only poetic, having been supplanted in everyday life by pranverë "spring" and verë "summer" respectively. It was probably borrowed from Persian بهار (bahâr) "spring, the season" (also, "blossom"), as others have noted.

Given that Bahâr/Bahar/etc. is a feminine personal name in all the languages it's used in, I'd be curious to know why Behar turned masculine in usage in Albanian only.

Source: Albanian Wiktionary,
Randee15  9/7/2016

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