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My sister is named after our paternal great grandmother Benedetta from Sicily. They Americanized her birth name as "Banadita". We have a nickname of "Bonnie".
lspiro62  1/27/2016
I love this name. It has a beautiful meaning, sounds nice when you say it, and looks pretty written down. It doesn't have the harshness of the "ct" in Benedicta.
kvpp88  10/15/2014
Means blessed or the benediction.
xmas74  1/2/2005
Ben(like the boys name) e(short e) det(with a short e) ta(with a short a)
Ben(like the boys name) dee(with long e) ta(short a) (this is the way my name is pronounced but if you were to travel into non US countries-Italy, where the name is still used-it would be pronounced the first way)
xmas74  1/2/2005
From personal experience-it is a rather hard name to live with. I have always had my name mispronounced-sometimes accidently, sometimes purposely! I am most commonly called Bernadette. It is a name that is hard on a child but is constantly admired by everyone who hears it (now that I am an adult, I hear compliments about it being a beautiful name almost non-stop). An easier way to go is to adopt a nickname with this name-I use variations of Bennie.
xmas74  1/2/2005

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