Names Related to Benedictus

Names that are related to BENEDICTUS:
BEN (1)   m   English, German, Dutch
BENAS   m   Lithuanian
BENCE   m   Hungarian
BENDIKS   m   Latvian
BENDT   m   Danish
BENEDEK   m   Hungarian
BENEDETTA   f   Italian
BENEDETTO   m   Italian
BENEDICT   m   English
BENEDICTA   f   Late Roman
BÉNÉDICTE   f   French
BENEDICTUS   m   Late Roman, Dutch
BENEDIKT   m   German, Russian, Czech, Icelandic
BENEDIKTA   f   German, Czech
BENEDIKTAS   m   Lithuanian
BENEDIKTE   f   Danish, Norwegian
BENEDITA   f   Portuguese
BENEDITO   m   Portuguese
BENEDYKT   m   Polish
BENEDYKTA   f   Polish
BENESH   m   Yiddish
BENGT   m   Swedish
BENGTA   f   Swedish
BENITA   f   Spanish
BENITO   m   Spanish, Italian
BENNETT   m   English
BENNIE   m   English
BENNY   m   English
BENOIT   m   French
BENOITE   f   French
BENSON   m   English
BENT (1)   m   Danish
BENTE   f   Danish, Dutch
BENTO   m   Portuguese
BETTINA (2)   f   Italian
BETTINO   m   Italian
BIEITO   m   Galician
PENI   m   Hawaiian
PENTTI   m   Finnish