Names Related to Bent

Names that are related to BENT (2):
BARNEY   m   English
BEN (2)   m   Dutch
BEÑAT   m   Basque
BENT (2)   m   Frisian
BERINHARD   m   Ancient Germanic
BERNADETT   f   Hungarian
BERNADETTE   f   French, English
BERNADINE   f   English
BERNARD   m   English, French, Polish, Croatian, Slovene, Ancient Germanic
BERNARDA   f   Slovene, Croatian, Portuguese
BERNARDETTA   f   Italian
BERNARDINA   f   Italian
BERNARDINE   f   French
BERNARDINO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
BERNARDITA   f   Spanish
BERNARDO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
BERNÁT   m   Hungarian
BERNAT   m   Catalan
BERND   m   German
BERNHARD   m   German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Ancient Germanic
BERNIE   m & f   English
BERNT   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
BERNY   m & f   English