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Bernard is an old family name from my Mom's side. It has always been pronounced BER-nard rather than ber-NAHD by my family who originate in Yorkshire and Norfolk.
tilly  8/17/2005
The name Bernard is used in a T.V. show I love called Blackbooks, whose full name is Bernard Black. It's a very funny show. :)
Sneasel  9/3/2005
I think it is pronounced BER-nard in England, but Ber-NAHR in America. Can't testify as to how everyone everywhere does it though.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2005
I confirm that in England, Bernard is pronounced BER-nard or in simple speak bern-ed.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2006
I have never heard anyone call Bernard, ber-NAHR in America. It's pronounced BER-nard. Maybe if you had some sort of accent it'd be ber-nahr but I've never heard ber-nahr before.
JellyBee  5/4/2008
Bernard Herrmann was a composer, best known for his film scores, particularly for those directed by Alfred Hitchcock. He wrote the scores for Citizen Kane, Cape Fear and Taxi Driver as well as for the original radio broadcast of Orson Welles' The War of the Worlds. He also wrote scores for television programs in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest film composers of all time.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2005
In the Disney movie "The Rescuers" Bernard is a little mouse who sets out to rescue a little girl. He is voiced by Bob Newhart.
breakofday  12/30/2005
I definitely like the English pronunciation better than the American one.
LimbicLove  1/13/2006
When I was growing up my parents had a friend from France named Bernard. My sister liked him and named a bear she got after him. Recently I've re-discovered this name and am madly in love with it.
Jeana Bradbury  1/18/2006
I love the name Bernard, the guy I have a huge crush on in the year above me is called Bernard, and he is a great guitar player, watch out for him when he's famous lol.
llama princess  8/29/2006
Playwright Bernard Shaw, author of "Pygmalion" and "Saint Joan", among others, is a famous bearer. He also oversaw and assisted with the penning of the script for "My Fair Lady", which is based on "Pygmalion".
― Anonymous User  1/11/2007
Bernard Hill plays in Lord of the Rings, The Scorpion King, Titanic, and other movies that I forgot.
melinda1  1/30/2007
Does anyone know the women name Bernarda? It is not on the list but I think it should be. It is the name of my mother.
katarina ana  2/28/2007
Bernard Fanning is an Australian singer-songwriter from the band Powderfinger, and also a solo artist.
monsterrah  4/22/2007
Also a masculine name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/2/2007
Bernard is the name of the head elf at the North Pole in the movie "The Santa Clause" and also the sequel.
Mel_13  12/29/2007
Bernard Cribbins is a English actor who appears on Doctor Who.
Mtbridge  3/11/2008
Bernard Marx is a character in Aldous Huxley's famous dystopian novel Brave New World. He's one of my favorite characters ever, and I love this name!
― Anonymous User  3/16/2008
Bernard Schwartz is real name of Hungarian actor Tony Curtis.
Maggie_Simpson  3/25/2008
Bernard Albrecht, a member of Joy Division, and then part of New Order after Joy Division's singer Ian Curtis died in 1980.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2008
I can't say I like the name much. I hate the nickname Bernie, and Bernard sounds too official and snobby, and also old-fashioned. It's the schwa sound that I dislike, I guess.
slight night shiver  5/16/2008
I like the British pronunciation BURN-ERD.
Daisy Miller  7/29/2008
1st Viscount Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery of Alamein, a famous and arguably one of the greatest army commanders Britain has ever produced.
Tiger59  4/26/2009
The name reminds me of an old man. Nicknames could be Barnie, Bern, Nard, Bernie, Barny and Bear.
Alienor  5/29/2009
Unfortunately, all this name makes me think of is Bernard Madoff. It's not an ugly name it just makes me think of this jail bird.
― Anonymous User  8/16/2009
Bernard Knox, literary scholar. He wrote prefaces for Fagles' translation of the Iliad and Odyssey.
Athena Nike  8/16/2009
Also a boys name in Croatia. Pronounced BER-nahrt. [noted -ed]
goricar  11/15/2009
Generally I don't like names like this. I prefer more musical names, but I find Bernard strangely appealing. It sounds like someone's loving and happy grandfather, or maybe father. I somehow have the image of an old-fashioned baker when I hear it: the jolly, round, Santa Claus-type of a man who sneaks extra cookies into bags for kids. A very comfortable name.
britto08  11/21/2009
Bernarda and Bernardica (the latter a diminutive of the former) are Croatian feminine forms of Bernard.
goricar  3/31/2010
Bernard Butler was the guitarist of the 90s band Suede. He was also in The Tears.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2010
Bernard Berenson (1865-1959) was an American art historian, critic and connoisseur.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2011
Bernard Buffet (1928-1999) was a French painter, etcher, lithographer, designer and occasional sculptor.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2011
St. Bernard dogs... those big, lovable rescue dogs from the Alps.

St. Bernard Pass in the Alps between Switzerland and Italy.
GibsonGirl  11/2/2011
The name Bernard was given to 147 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Bernard Goldberg is a journalist, political commentator, and author.
Marauder  8/30/2014
There's a British show called "Bernard's Watch". It's about a boy named Bernard who owns a magical watch that can stop time.
SH2237  6/4/2015
Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

I really love this name. Like someone said above, it is very comforting. I'd love to have a little boy named Bernie someday.
needcaramel14  4/5/2016
I like this name, especially the French pronunciation. It has a strong meaning and feel to it.
Gregory Woodrow  4/12/2016
The name Bernard was given to 149 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/18/2016
Birth name of Bernie Calvert, bass guitarist and keyboardist for the Hollies.
SorrySylvester  6/20/2016
I love this name and it really speaks for itself. I can bear witness with the meaning of this name and as I look forward to celebrating my name on 20th August, I ask you all to be with me and pray for me to live to the proper meaning of my name as Saint Bernard did.
Uncle Ben  7/27/2016
I feel like Bernard is a dorky sounding name.
firestar11  8/23/2016
I agree. It does sounds dorkish. I have never liked it. In England it is a generational name, maybe popular in the 1920's and 1930's (I was named after a naval officer killed in WW2). However, I met an American who pronounced it differently and, like the German and French pronunciations, it sounded much better. Recently I have been using Bern ("burn").
bernlee  10/22/2016
Bernard Chazelle is a French-American computer scientist. He is currently the Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. Much of his work is in computational geometry, where he is known for his study of algorithms, such as linear-time triangulation of a simple polygon, as well as major complexity results, such as lower bound techniques based on discrepancy theory. He is also known for his invention of the soft heap data structure and the most asymptotically efficient known algorithm for finding minimum spanning trees.
lilolaf  2/15/2017
This is my uncle's name. I personally don't like it because it's hideously old fashioned, but it's an okay name for him, because he's Dutch.
― Anonymous User  11/30/2017
This name reminds me of suntan, like burn red.
Hushpuppy  2/2/2018
Bernard Lowe is the programmer of the hosts' robotic software in the TV series "Westworld".
― Anonymous User  3/13/2018

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