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Bethel is a town in Maine.
-- Anonymous User  11/22/2005
This could be a spunky and cute alternative to the kind of old and retired Ethel.
-- claraelizabethann  8/2/2006
I really like Bethel. With Bethany being so popular, and I don't think Bethan is very feminine, then I think Bethel is great. It sounds sweet and girly (reminds me of Petal) and I think it looks pretty as well.
-- Free_Spirited_Girly  10/16/2006
Could be nice, but I think the 'Ethel' sound is a bit much. It sounds just like that very name which we associate with old ladies. Also, I think this name kind of lacks femininity.
--  7/25/2007
Back in the 17th and 18th centuries Bethel had some use as a male name in North America.
-- clevelandkentevans  10/12/2007
Bethel Park is a township in Pittsburgh.
-- Anonymous User  9/17/2008
For some reason I think of Bethlehem when I hear this name.
-- Renthead13  9/17/2008
In Job's Daughters, the meeting place/room is called a "Bethel"; also, each individual chapter is called a Bethel (for instance, Bethel #1 or Bethel #77).
-- Aesha  1/19/2009
I agree. It's a good variant on Ethel. It has better nicknames too.
-- Louska  1/15/2011
My guess would be that the popularity of this name and the era it was popular is partially due to the popularity of the name Ethel.
-- Anonymous User  6/10/2013
The name Bethel was given to 53 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
I really like how unique and cute the name Bethel is. The nickame Beth is superb! :)
-- Anonymous User  2/17/2015
My last name is Bethel.
-- Anonymous User  5/1/2017

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