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When I first saw this name, I thought it was pronounced Bet-yeh.
bibi66  8/6/2007
Personally, I think this name looks like a typo.
LilaMayaNeve  9/25/2007
The 'e' at the end looks just wrong.
number1212  5/8/2008
Bettye LaVette is an immensely talented singer who went largely unnoticed by the industry until her 2005 album, I've Got My Own Hell to Raise. She is best called a soul singer, but her style crosses genres such as gospel, Motown, rock, and funk.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  7/17/2008
'Bette' I like, 'Bettie' I can understand. But 'Bettye' is just a step too far in terms of creative spelling. It does look like a typo. It's just silly.
LakeGirl  10/2/2008
This is my middle name and I constantly get remarks towards it. Most of the remarks are directed towards the spelling mostly. But a lot of people do find the name very cute when they say it & it does come with a lot of nicknames. Sometimes I wish I would constantly go by Bettye because it's just that cute when you say it.
lkelly67  10/9/2008

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