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This is derived from ab Ifan or ap Ifan. Ab/ap means 'son of'. Many Welsh surnames turned from "ab/ap (name)" to a kind of mixed single word, such as Bevan.
― Anonymous User  2/22/2012
Like a previous poster said, this name is popular (perhaps a bit dated) and downmarket in both Australia and New Zealand. I've heard Aussies use Bevan in reference to a young yobbo/boy racer type.

I don't mind it myself but would never dream of using it on a child given the general vibe it has in Australasia.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2008
Actually, Bevan is masculine, yes, but Bevin (from Beibhinn) is feminine and means "fair lady". So this can be a feminine name as well.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2007
Maybe I should tell you something about this name. In Australia, a bevan is a person who is a bit rough around the edges. Like a Yobbo. Please, if you are mvong to Oz and plan to have a child, do not name them this, it's almost tacky.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2006
I don't really like this name but do have to say it is better as a boys name.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006
*Bevan* is a surname and should stay that way. If it must be used as a given name, let it be for males only. No female should have to tote around a name that means "son of". Names are not merely sounds; they have meanings.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2006
I don't care for this on a boy but love it for a girl.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2005

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