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Blagoje is the Croatian form, with composer Blagoje Bersa (1873-1934) a well known bearer. A more common variant though, is Blago. [noted -ed]
goricar  11/6/2010
The name is also known in Bulgaria - Благой. Female version is Blaga (Блага)
Borisslav  2/16/2011
In Macedonia Blagoja (Благоја), Blagoj (Благој), Blazhe (Блаже), Blazho (Блажо) and similar names come from the Biblical "Blagoveshtenie" (Благовештение) which is the moment when Virgin Mary was told in a dream that she was going to give birth Jesus. Basically all of those names mean good or sweet news.
BlazeMK  2/25/2011
My grandfather migrated to the US in 1914 from Goumenissa, Greece. He was Macedonian. His given name was BLAGOY on the ship's manifest and he always used Blagoy. I think it is possible that he substituted "y" for "j".
Irini  7/27/2013
Blagoj Nacoski (Macedonian: Благој Нацоски, born 18 May 1979 in Skopje), is a Macedonian tenor opera singer.
Aledis  8/9/2016

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