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Yay! I'm the first one to comment! lol. Well I think that Blaine is a unique name. In fact, I've only known one Blaine in my entire life! Well I think this name yells out UNIQUE, and I highly recommend using it as a boy's name.
-- ljs73  4/2/2006
I find the name Blaine rather plain.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2006
Since the only connection I have to this name is the character in Pretty in Pink, I really don't like Blaine. It sounds pretentious, and I personally am not fond of the "blah" sound.
-- Anonymous User  1/23/2007
I love the name Blaine. Blaine is a very handsome name, when I think of someone with the name Blaine I think of a guy who is very good looking!
-- aja3  7/27/2007
I personally don't like this name, not even for a pet. But I guess it is good for a made up name!
-- littleengen2992  11/1/2007
Blaine Wise is a contestant on the show "Kid Nation".
-- darry_curtis  12/3/2007
It's my brother's name, but I've also heard of it being used for girls. It's also cool spelled Blayne.
-- miranda22  3/10/2008
I like this name a lot, but I like it better spelled Blayne.
-- welovejamesarness  8/10/2008
A famous bearer is American illusionist David Blaine.
-- cole64989  8/14/2009
Personally I like the name Blaine. Not only is this my middle name, but I prefer to go by it over my first name. It also disturbs me that two people completely insulted my name.
-- blaine1990  9/3/2009
Isn't blain another word for a sore filled with pus? Bleargh.
-- Caprice  11/8/2009
Commenter above me: No.
-- Anonymous User  9/30/2010
-- Dancing_Dragonfly  1/20/2011
Blaine was the name of the Andrew McCarthy character in Pretty in Pink.
-- Dancing_Dragonfly  1/20/2011
"Blaaaaane, his name is Blaaane? That's a major appliance, that's not a name!"
-- babycrookston  2/8/2011
Despite the negative comments, I like it. It's different but not bizarre. Unfortunately, it does rhyme with plain. I think it becomes much more usable if paired with a more accepted name like Jonathan, Matthew, William, etc.
-- GibsonGirl  11/7/2011
Blaine Anderson is a character on Glee.
-- Anonymous User  12/10/2011
Blaine the Train from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
-- GibsonGirl  1/20/2012
I like the name but I'm not sure it's useable at this point in American society.
-- GibsonGirl  1/20/2012
Nice name, but Stephen King ruined it for me. Now it just calls to mind psychokiller monorail trains...
-- XICooper  6/24/2012
'Blaine' can also be spelled 'Blayne.' It can also be a girl's name.
-- foreverslowly  6/25/2012
I think that this name is a bit too feminine for a boy, though.
-- foreverslowly  6/25/2012
Reminds me of the guy from glee, and I don't even watch that show.
-- Anonymous User  1/28/2013
My middle name is "Blaine" and my mom decided on it because my grandma's names are "Bonnie" and "Elaine"... combine them together and what do you get? :) I'm quite fond of it for that reason, and have never met anybody else with it.
-- syd242  8/29/2013
Blaine is my name. I think it is magnificent. When I was a boy, I wished it was something more common but now I revel in it. I am also pleased that I am not a member of the herd, rather unique and noteworthy.
-- blaineleslie  5/21/2014
I named my son Blaine and he has been the only one in the school from preschool to now high school with his name. I love that it is not common.
-- Anonymous User  6/14/2014
Blaine is a Fire-type Gym Leader in the Kanto region of the Pokémon video game series.
-- PinkJazzX  9/18/2014

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