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There is a part of a city named St. Boniface in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
― Anonymous User  5/3/2006
Boniface is the name of a character in the book "The Thief Lord" by German author Cornelia Funke. He goes by the nickname 'Bo'.
Lyzz  7/6/2006
I like this name a lot, but would never name my child this.
Nobody  8/23/2006
Whenever I see this name, I pronounce it "bony face" in my head.
x_Fashion_x  9/11/2006
I always thought this name was odd.
― Anonymous User  1/21/2007
In the movie "Les Choristes," a character is named Boniface.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2007
Bonifac´s nicknames are Bono, Bony, Bonifacio, Bonif.
Karcoolka  5/31/2007
Pronounced Bone-Eh-Fa-Che.
Merrie.D  6/15/2007
This would be a very strange name to have. It could be very easily turned into something to tease him with. Aside from the "your face" jokes, bullies might call him Bonifascist.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2009
I honestly love this name. I would consider it as a middle name or something. I don't know if I would give it to my kid as a first name. That way I could call him Boniface but everyone else had to call him something different, lol.
HamsterKid450  6/11/2009
I like this name in French, but I can't stand it in English. In that language, it sounds pretentious and like a name that fundamentalist Catholic parents stuck in the Middle Ages would name their son. This should remain a French name.
bananarama  9/15/2009
Please don't name your kid this. You will save them from a lot of teasing! If I were 12 and saw someone with this name, I would say "Hey, there goes bony face!"
― Anonymous User  9/21/2009
Very rare in France.
luxsword  4/28/2014
The name sounds strong when you're young (elementary, middle school, etc.), thus people tend to shorten the name, as you get older they begin to call you by your whole name.
Bonifacio  12/29/2014
This is actually a guilty pleasure of mine, and I like the meaning. I wouldn't use it myself since it sounds way too religious, and it's too old-fashioned even for my tastes. But it would be nice to see it being used.
Acajou  7/18/2015
I think the name Boniface is really cool and unique. There's something about this name that I really like! :)
― Anonymous User  10/18/2015
A famous bearer of this name is Count Boniface de Castellane (1867-1932), a French nobleman and also his great grandfather, a Marshal of France: Boniface de Castellane (1788-1862). Count de Castellane was never called “Boniface”, he was called by his nickname “ Boni ”.
Boni de Castellane was a dandy and he's famous for the huge parties he organized in Monte Carlo (Monaco), Paris or Versailles. He was an art collector and a misleading husband, women used to call him: “The great lover”. American journalists loved to make caricatures of him and nicknamed him: “The King of Paris” or “The most elegant man in Europe”.
Maxine J. Rolland  11/2/2016
I like the name and I'm proud to be called Boniface. It just a nice name because there is something special about it.
Bony joe  3/6/2018

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