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Sure, you can name your child Girlce.
CharlieRob  8/14/2007
The name isn't even related to the English word "boy". I think this is a great name.
spaz123  10/4/2007
Spaz is right I guess. It's not a bad name. Even though it's not related it might get teasing.
CharlieRob  7/17/2009
This name is stupid. It sounds just like "boys", and that would definitely lead to teasing. It also makes me think of a bad Michael Jackson joke.
bananarama  2/7/2010
I didn't even make the connection with "boys," I just thought it looked like Royce, except with a 'b' instead. Honestly, though, I think the name sounds awful. It's really awkward to say. Bryce, which looks similar, sounds a lot better, imo.
erb816  4/5/2012
All I can think about is the band Boyce Avenue.
Good band, not a great name on a person.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/3/2014

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