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One famous bearer is writer Božena Němcová, born 4th February 1820, Wien, Austria. Date of death: 21th January 1862, Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary.
Maggie_Simpson  1/5/2008
Božka is also fictional character from the movie "Divoké včely". She was played by Tatiana Vilhelmová.
MaggieSimpson  5/14/2008
Bozena is my middle name. My father is from Czechoslavakia and this was his mother's name. It's unique and I love it.
Zuzana B  6/9/2008
No relation of Božidar. It means "blessed".
MaggieSimpson  9/20/2008
Božena Přemyslovna (Bohemian) was daughter of Czech king Václav I and his wife Kunigunde von Schwaben. She was wife of Ottokar III and countess of Brandenburg.
Emilie007  9/21/2008
Božena Zapletalová-Benešová, author
Božena Křesinová, princess
Božena Laglerová, pilot
Božena Správcová (real name is Lenka Bohuslavová), author
Emilie007  11/30/2008
Božena is a Croatian name too.
goricar  12/22/2009
Also Serbian. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  12/13/2010
It's written as "Божена" in Serbian Cyrillic. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  4/7/2016

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