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This name belongs to my boyfriend. I find Bradley to be a fantastic name. Bradley's rock!
bradrocks  10/27/2005
I like Bradley more than Brad. Bradley is a charcter in "EastEnders", played by Charlie Clements. In a funny 80s movie "Teen Witch" Bradley is the main male character, played by Dan Gauthier.
ania24  4/1/2006
Bradley is the male equivalent of Janet in the Rocky Horror (Picture) Show, wimpish suburbia personified. Interesting that other comment-leavers don't see it that way!
Anneza  6/12/2006
Wimpish? You've got to be joking me! The only Bradley I know is a very strong and brave man. Personally, I like the ring of this name.
― Anonymous User  8/14/2006
I also find the name Bradley wimpish. I have seen a couple of girls named Bradley but one spelled it Bradlee and the other Bradleigh. I don't like Bradley for a girl.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2006
Bradley is a very masculine sounding name, also sounds handsome. Bradford is also another good name.
― Anonymous User  10/14/2006
Ugh I hate the name Bradley. Horrible name. It doesn't sound like a man's name. And it doesn't look like a man's name either. I know about 5 Bradleys (spelled many different ways - Bradlee, Bradleigh, Bradleeh, and Bradley). I think that when you spell "Bradley" either Bradleigh, Bradlee, or Bradleeh it looks even more girly.
sabreprincess412  10/30/2006
It's tragic how many masculine names like Bradley are being used for girls these days. This is a good, strong, very masculine name and sounds great shortened to Brad!
― Anonymous User  10/30/2006
It's funny how popular perception changes over time. Years ago girls with names like Harley, Riley or Bradley would've been mocked for having boys' names, but nowdays it seems it's the other way round - boys with those names are considered to have 'girly' names.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2006
Bradley Whitford, of the American television show, The West Wing, is a famous bearer.
Nochenne  6/2/2007
Bradley is WAAAAAAAAAAY too boyish to be a girl's name.
CharlieRob  8/20/2007
I argee with CharlieRob. This name is way too manly and handsome to be a girl's name.
spaz123  9/8/2007
Oh I think this name is so handsome!
applemilk  9/10/2007
Bradley is a very ugly name, for a boy and especially a girl.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2007
I'm not generally too fond of names ending in -ley or -ly, but Bradley doesn't sound as immature and cutesy as most of those names. The name actually suits grown-ups, which is important. The name is neither trashy nor elistist and snobby, and it's a very safe choice, as it's likely to suit many types of guys, except the fat ones, sorry. Actually, the name sounds like the name of rather good-looking guys, and I'm not saying this because of Brad Pitt, as I find his looks HIGHLY overrated. On the other hand, the name is quite a dull, unimaginative choice, and it's overused. It doesn't make me think of particularly bright guys either, even though the worst types of jerks don't come to mind when hearing or seeing the name.
slight night shiver  5/17/2008
My oldest brother has the name of Bradley. It is funny because when my parents told the rest of our family that he would be named this my uncle who was in high school at the time said 'Bradley sounds like a computer geek guy to me, don't use it!' Now my brother is in collage and his degree is going to be in computer science! He has been a computer tech geek his whole life! I think it is a great name.
Jeremiah2911  6/27/2008
Bradley Friedel, footballer, 18th May, 1971 in Lakewood, Ohio.
Emilie007  9/3/2008
My dad's name is Bradlee. The Brad was what grandma wanted him to be named, but she also wanted him to be named after grandpa, so his name is spelled Bradlee. My grandpa's name is Lee.
boughmsn  9/16/2008
Despite being the first name of my one cousins I always think of this as a surname (it was my mother's (and my cousin's mother's) maiden name). As a surname it is great but I think it should not be used as a first name, it would be good for a middle name though.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2009
Bradley Nowell of Sublime, who died in 1996 of a heroin overdose.
cielo  5/5/2009
Bradley is a boys name. As a girls name, that's just horrible. I think the name Bradley sounds like a very caring person but definitely a boys name.
CattyLoony  4/9/2010
I like this name. Unfortunately Brad is also my ex boyfriend's name, so I'll never name my kid Brad. Same goes for names of terrible bosses and other people I'd be happy to never see again. I'm sure you have a "Do NOT Use This Baby Name" list too.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2011
Bradley Cooper is a popular American actor.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2011
Wait, people have actually named their DAUGHTER Bradley?! I've lost all faith in humanity.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2013
My name is Bradley and I am a strong, beautiful (often called "sexy") successful WOMAN. I used to despise my name, but now that I have grown and am secure in who I am, I love my name and many others find it wonderful as well. I have yet to meet another female named Bradley- and although I love it for myself, I would never recommend such a name for a baby girl.
bkbc13  5/14/2013
No offense but "Bradley" seriously sounds like a company name more than anything. "Made by The Bradley Brothers" ©™

Brad on its own is fine. Bradley also is just WAY too whimpy & whiney.
― Anonymous User  10/28/2014
I like this name and all, but has anyone thought that this could possibly be the name of a criminal or something? I mean, not everyone with this name is bad but listening to this name makes me think of that mysterious kid who sits by himself at the back of the classrooms who grows up into the next big criminal. But like I said, I don't hate this name or think that all Bradley's are like this. In fact, I really consider naming my kid this but whenever I hear the name I think of a criminal or a depressed, lonely kid.
― Anonymous User  2/4/2015
Bradley Simpson, lead vocalist of British boy band The Vamps. (♥ω♥*)
― Anonymous User  6/24/2015
I love the name Bradley for a guy! You can't go wrong with the awesome nickname Brad. :D ♥.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2015
My name is Brad. And just Brad. My birth certificate says Brad. My mom told me they just named me Brad because everyone would just call me Brad anyway so why even use anything other than just Brad? I love my parents for it. Bradley is just feminine and sucks. I am the only one I have ever met just named Brad legally. Any Brad I've met is legally Bradley. It's very unique and I always have liked it.
Brad77t  9/14/2016
Bradley Charles Cooper is an American actor and producer. He was one of the world's highest-paid actors for three years, and has been nominated for various accolades, including four Academy Awards, two BAFTA Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. Cooper appeared in Forbes Celebrity 100 on two occasions and Time's list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.
cutenose  5/11/2017
Bradley Steven Perry is an American actor. He is known for his role as Gabe Duncan on the Disney Channel family sitcom Good Luck Charlie, and for his role as Roger Elliston III in Disney's High School Musical spin-off film Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. Following this, Perry co-starred on the Disney XD comedies Mighty Med and its spinoff Lab Rats: Elite Force, where he plays the role of Kaz.
cutenose  5/23/2017
My mom's dad's mom's name was Eleanor Bradley and I am named after her but I go by Bradley. I did not at first like the name and I wanted to be called Eleanor but now I love it. It contains a lot of personality and it is a great fit for me since I am very athletic and lots of people consider me a tomboy. I think it is a great name for both boys and girls but because it is my name and I am a girl I think it is mostly a girl's name.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2018

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