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All those saying my name is fake or "made up"... it means little hill in gaelic. Ha. Take that. Not some "kreatyve" name.
mynameisbraelyn  9/26/2018
Nice name for a horse.
kayisforkeen  9/2/2018
The name Braelyn was given to 63 boys in the US in 2017.
Lady_Skywalker  8/24/2018
I have to agree with several of the comments posted on this website behind the name Braelyn, It’s a beautiful name. Braelyn means: Someone who is beautiful on the inside and out but at the same time isn't afraid to share their opinion and will stand up for you, and very trustworthy and is strong, virtuous, and honorable.
I have 2 daughters and we named our youngest Braelyn 16 years ago, and I personally knew I was going to name her Braelyn not just because it’s a beautiful name, it was given to her by The Lord through us as parents. By the way, her middle name is after my first sister who passed away. That's even more meaningful!
Ideally, I do not care what people have to say about this or any other names that a parent chooses and if you’re not a parent then you would never understand why we choose the names we choose period!
Ask yourself this question: What is your name? Why did your parents choose your name? What do YOU and people think about my name? Why do you go on this website if you’re just going to judge people’s names or the name “Braelyn”
― Anonymous User  12/4/2017
Honestly, I've dealt (and am still dealing with) these new, kreatyve, special names but.. this one just kinda hurts. Like something about just is... off. I can't explain it, but it just is one of the worst off.
mememan28  12/3/2017
Braelyn is a modern American name, made in the US from a word of Scots origin plus the popular -lyn ending. It isn't a Welsh, Irish or 'Celtic' name, lol. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being American, having an American name, or having a made-up name for that matter: lots of people have them. Own your name as it is, and stop trying to make it something it isn't.
― Anonymous User  5/10/2017
I am blown away at the critical and judgmental comments here! Braelyn is a BEAUTIFUL name! While it may be "made up" in some instances it **absolutely** also has meaning as the name is broken down into the words that happen to be present in this name. Briallen comes from the Celtic “briallu” meaning "primrose" so this meaning could easily be ascribed to this name. Alternatively Braelyn comes from the Gaelic-Scottish “brae” meaning “hill” and the Welsh “llyn” meaning “lake”. The idea that because the name is "made up" (more contemporary) thus doesn't have a "meaning" is sooooo silly! All names were originally made up. My daughter's name is Terin which is a another name for a small yellow songbird also called a Siskin. I chose Terin because I had met an Irish woman by that name (how it sounded) but with a REALLY weird spelling that I could not remember! It is a Celtic name, meaning Irish hillside. I chose to boil it down to the simplest spelling possible though and ended up with Terin which also means Siskin. I have sometimes read that it is "contemporary" with no meaning (this particular spelling) but that is hogwash because I chose a "legit" name with several meanings depending upon how you spell it and what culture you are talking about. Same concept with Braelyn. It's Celtic and it is beautiful.
laraproffit  1/4/2017
My name is Braelyn and I'm not afraid to say it! My mother gave me my name because both my parents loved it. Of course it has a meaning and an origin! It's NOT tacky or hideous!
Bnb72904  8/31/2016
In 2002 I had a miscarriage and was going to name my son Brayden. This name was my way of having a part of my maiden name used, it being Braye. When I became pregnant again back in 2003 I wanted to recognize my maiden name still. So I too found Braelyn on a site stating it had Irish origins. I thought this was perfect knowing that I was carrying a girl this time. I could still have the opportunity to recognize my maiden name and the son I lost.
Lallenby  8/28/2016
In 2001 I was pregnant with my third child. I had 2 daughters, Brittany and Breanna - not because I adored those names, but because it's what we could agree on. My husband thought if we had another girl she would feel left out if she wasn't a B. So I tried to find a B name we could agree on. He loved Brooke and I loved Bridget. Neither would budge so I was in the shower one day thinking of Britt and Bre - Britt, Bre, Brae came to mind so I made up Braelyn. I went to the internet and searched the name and found it in an Irish name database. So, those who think they created the name should remember, there's nothing new under the sun! And just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beauty of a name is in the eye of the person who names them or who hold that name. I am really offended by folks who call a name white trash or ugly. That's really just an opinion and not really worth anything. My Braelyn is a beautiful, joyful, sweet girl who will move mountains as she grows up!
BTW I had a boy in 2004 and we broke free of the B's - I have an IAN!
mwhit4  8/8/2016
I'm 38yrs old. I named my daughter Braelynn. She is 4. About 15 years ago, I couldn't sleep one night and became stuck on what I was going to name my daughter whenever I had one. When I was 14, my mother died unexpectedly at 30. Her name was Brenda Lynn. I don't like the names Brenda or Lynn but wanted to name my daughter in memory of my mom. (I knew her middle name would be Sue, after my other favorite lady, my grandma. My middle name is also Sue. A no-brainer for me!) Anyways, after hours of morphing my mom's name, I came up with Braelynn. I like the way it's spelled, cute and unique. I don't like Bre- or -Lin reminds me of a gremlin. Or Bray- or -Lynne it's trying too hard and reminds me of library. After this night, I believed I had come up with an original and unique name. As it turns out, my co-worker's daughter was Breylen. And by this posting, I did not or am not the first to come up with this awesome name. But my motivations, I think, are original, charming, sweet and sentimental. For this, my daughter's name, has a different meaning to me- motherly, protector, humorous, loving, eternal.
MicRhinBB  7/16/2016
I don't understand why people say "I hate this name, it has no meaning." How can you name your child a name with no meaning?" Most parents don't know the meaning of the name that they're giving to their children, even if it has one. I personally like the name Braelyn, as it sound nice.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2016
I've got no problem with it being a made-up name; I don't like it simply because I think it's ugly. Ugly, tacky, and immature.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
It's not the "Lyn" suffix that has me cringing at the thought of this terrible name. Although there are many modern "Lyn" suffix names which can become both obnoxious and annoying, some of them I honestly don't mind. It's the prefix of this name. Bray is the unpleasant sound a donkey makes and thrown together, Braelyn sounds WAY too cutesy (in means of not aging well. At all) I can promise you one thing: Braelyn will never be a classic name. It will always sound overly modern and emphatically made-up on the spot.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2016
I've been in love with the name Braelyn for 6 years. I named my first Daughter Gracelyn. Now my second daughter is Braelyn. Beautiful name.
kristal2323  11/17/2015
I absolutely love the name and so does my fiance (he found it in the baby book).
I am a few months away from naming our baby girl Braelyn and I couldn't be happier with my choice.
Mommaof2  9/3/2015
Braelyn is a popular name now, and continues to become more popular. As much as some people may hate it, it IS a name that thousands of people have. Every name has people who hate it or love it. People here are horrible for saying such things because it isn't something they would choose. Braelyn has been around now in the US for over 30 years. Braelyn is also a place in East London South Africa, road names in other parts of the world that have been around far longer. It's not something recently made up, and it's not an overly used, boring traditional name.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2014
Every name was originally made up, so people shouldn't be so snotty and uptight about new names. So what if it didn't exist before. Lose the ego and let's move on. What is interesting to me is that the name Braelyn is now being used. I personally love that it has no specified meaning. No need to freak out, people.
Braelyn Rose  4/27/2014
I named my SON Braelyn, and it was derived as a different spelling of Bralon, Braylon, Braylen. I know a lot of people are talking crap about this name sounding "white trashy"... did you know there are famous college and NFL football players named Braylon and Braylen. I didn't just throw some sounds together. I didn't grow up on FARMS so I DONT KNOW what donkeys sound like, nor do I care what the sound a donkey makes is called. But I do think the information on this name should definitely include that it can be MASCULINE OR FEMININE because a lot of guys have been named different variations of Braelyn, Braylen, Bralon, Braylon... etc. Then it's dumb to insist on it being a girl name. There were no girls named Braelyn anywhere on the internet when I named him that. Now people are naming girls any variation of the name also, they should all just be considered gender neutral. And anyways, I think the name sounds very strong, especially if you've ever heard of the many football players with it. I can't imagine that anyone would name their child "beautiful cry" whether male or female and also, if this is a modernized American originating name... then all of the etmyology of the different parts of it... Brae or Lyn... are irrelevant now. I didn't name him by picking each syllable. I picked a name that sounded like it could be really tough, and at other times could be really sweet. It has been a perfect name for him, too. He LOVES football. He NEVER gets picked on for his name. He DOES blend and fit in with all of the boys named Kaylan, Waylon, Jaylin, Jayden, Brayden, Hayden, Caden, Aidan, Peyton... while maintaining his still very unique name... Braelyn.
TastyAssassin  11/17/2013
"I know a lot of people are talking crap about this name sounding "white trashy"... did you know there are famous college and NFL football players named Braylon and Braylen."

You are not helping your case, dear.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2013
User Contributed Meanings for Braelyn
The baby boy or baby girl name Braelyn comes from the Welsh word which means, "Name's original meaning: "Strong; virtuous, honorable." Irish word which means, "strong."

Numerological Meaning (For Entertainment Purposes Only)
People with this name tend to be very active. They love to travel and hate to sit around in the same spot for too long. They are bold, daring, and persuasive. They love to try new things and take chances. Professionally, they can be successful as a public figure, in the media, or at developing new ideas for small businesses.
― Anonymous User  11/17/2013
In English, a bray means a cry. The suffix -lyn means beautiful. Therefore, the only sensible meaning for this name is a beautiful cry.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2013
By insulting people and labeling them uneducated, ignorant, and irritating just because they don't like the name, the only person who looks uneducated, ignorant, and irritating is you. I think if a person loves the name Braelyn, then they shouldn't feel shame in using it. And I think if a person loathes the name Braelyn, then that is their right. Learn to respect other people's opinions, use punctuation, and spell "ignorant" correctly. THANKS.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2013
You people that say it has no meaning obviously you are all uneducated obviously you have access to a computer so use it and as far as how it sounds like a donkey maybe you make up your own sounds or your just so uneducated that you really think a donkey sounds this way wow people really are ignorant and irritating as for me I love the name and fyi rather it's a real meaning or not doesn't mean a thing as long as it has real meaning to the parents so all you ignorant people should really keep your comments to yourself because honestly you really sound so IGNORENT! THNAKS.
kurstin13  5/23/2013
A 'bray' isn't what a donkey actually says. It's just a word for the sound. Sort of like how a dog barks or a rooster crows. That's what people are talking about when they say it reminds them of a donkey, and looks like you're the 'ignorant' one for not realizing the definition of the word bray.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2013
This 'name' is not Irish, that's just what parents claim when they want to be yoo-neek and slap it on their daughters, but don't want to look uneducated or like they made it up. I agree with the others here - you can claim it's Irish and ancient and come up with fake meanings for it, but the reality is it's still just a mishmash of made-up parts, and deciding on a meaning for a name doesn't make it any less fabricated and tryndee.

The only part of this 'name' that has any history whatsoever is that the word "Brae" has weak connections to the Scottish language. "Brae" is the occasionally used, Lowland Scots word for hill or slope. In other words, it's pretty much just a slang word/colloquialism. 'Lyn' is the nauseating suffix getting put on the end of every female's name nowadays (Taelyn, Jaylyn, Zaelyn, you've seen them all and more)

Of course, 'lyn' has been in use in decades past, but usually by itself and never as a suffix to made up prefixes like "Krae" and "Cay." At the end of the day, Braelyn is just as made up as the rest of them, although it does have a particularly unattractive sound in my opinion.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2013
Oh my god, there's a female version of Brayden. The world is officially over. I am absolutely disgusted.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2013
I chose this name for my daughter. I went through a large list of many very popular names. I wanted it to be different. I wanted it to have meaning to me. Her dad's name is Ray, my middle name is Lynn. I wanted Raylynn but thought it too common. I added a 'B' and loved it. I think her name is beautiful because she is my beautiful daughter. She will only face ridicule of her name if she comes across people who think it okay to do such a thing. Many of these comments are just so rude and hurtful. If you wouldn't like your name, or your child's name to be made fun of, then why would you do it to others. And thank you to the people of Scottish and Irish knowledge that gave origin and meaning to this pretty name.
jendbq4  11/17/2012
I personally love the name that's why I chose the name for my daughter. I am Scottish and Irish and this is special to me. I don't think it is a made up name since I found it in a baby book. Some of the comments are very rude and I am sure that not all of your names are liked by everyone and you would not like people saying such rude things about your name. Maybe you all should trying being more respectful to others feelings.
Breasmommy  7/3/2012
Origin: Irish
Meaning: Strong; virtuous, honorable
Sean Celleigh  5/23/2012
This web-site and those commenting have it all wrong. This name is not some new fad. Those who have mentioned Scottish have got it part right. In Ireland and old Scottish they use a form of language called Gaelic. Welsh derives roots from Gaelic as does old Scottish. Since I am Irish and I have lived in Ireland, the name has Irish roots. The spelling and pronunciation are unique but common sounding like many names in the U.S. such as... Sean = Shawn, Siobhan= Shavon, Ashlyn = is Gaelic... just like Braelyn. And yes there are popular figures on this side of the pond with this beautiful name.
Sean Celleigh  5/23/2012
No, thank you. I dislike this name strongly. The BRAE part reminds me of a horse sound, and the LYN part makes it look horribly trendy. Also, to the first commenter, I would like to re-emphasize that you cannot assign meanings to names, and it appears uneducated to do so. A name may mean something special to you because it is your name or the name of a loved one, but that is not its literal etymological meaning. At best, your name (from Bernard and Melinda) means "bear-serpent" or "soft bear," but that's a very lenient interpretation. "Soft bear" isn't so bad, it could be interpreted as "teddy bear," if you like. Or, if it's "ber" from Bernard plus "lynn," then it would mean "bear lake." Any which way, there are many prettier, more socially acceptable names out there.
Bazinga  1/24/2012
I hate this name. It's tacky and youthful, it has no history or substance, and it certainly won't help the girl later on in life when she's trying to become a lawyer or doctor. Please, parents, there are so many better names out there. Why pick this thing?
Black_X  10/7/2011
I know others disagree, but I don't think Braelyn is too bad for a "created" name, especially when compared to other popular constructions. The familiar elements in the name's composition (especially "lyn") make it seem as though it could be a real name with an actual history.
faelivrin  4/21/2011
"Bray" sounds like a sound a donkey would make and the whole name just sounds like you chopped the g off of the word brailling. So, this "name" just makes me think of blindness. Not attractive at all.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2010
Not to offend anyone, but I find this name really ugly. Like someone said earlier adding "-lyn" to a syllable does not make it cute. "Brae" is the sound that a donkey makes.
number1212  12/7/2009
This name looks and sounds absolutely hideous. It's completely meaningless, with no real etymology or history behind it. It's just some random sound tacked onto a trendy suffix. At least other recently-invented names had thought put into them. I wouldn't even use this name for an animal. There's also the same issue I have with the name Braden/Brayden/Braeden/Braydin/ad nauseum—it sounds like the noise a donkey makes.
Anyechka  9/15/2009
"Brae" is not a pretty sound. Sticking -lyn to the end does not make it sound better.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2009
Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm, but any name that begins with Bray-, Brae-, or Brai- sounds like a donkey bray. Unfortunately, that's about how goofy these names are.
paintwolf  9/25/2008
My baby cousin's name is Braelyn, and she's a three-year-old little blonde angel. That's what I think of when I hear Braelyn: angel. Not white trash.
erb816  9/3/2008
I think this name is totally white trash.
bananarama  8/14/2008
What in the world does it mean to call a name "white trash?" I'm extremely amused by the fact that someone who is obsessed with Britney Spears would suggest that my name "is totally white trash." Anyway, I'd like to note that it is becoming a much more popular name. In a way it seems strange to me because I was always the only Bralynne I knew, and now when I type it into google, unlike five years ago, I'm not the only one that pops up.
bralynne21  9/4/2008
He/she means it is "white trash" because combining two sounds together to try your best to make a name is considered tacky, and I agree with that. That's the reason a lot of people dislike the name Kaylee. And the fact that Braylen is getting "more popular" doesn't make it any less trashy or annoying. In fact it makes it even MORE trashier because people think it's "SO unique!" yet she'll just blend in with the Kaylees, Jaylins, Baylens, etc. Oh, and also, if you're getting "so offended" that people dislike your name, you should go elsewhere because people are completely allowed to state their opinion on the name, that's what this website is made for pretty much. It's not all unicorns and rainbows and "you're perfect in every way", sweetheart. They don't like your name. Get over it.
LittleSamGirl  10/19/2011
I actually know a male named Braelyn, so I think that the gender should say Masculine and Feminine.
erinn  7/29/2008
I just don't like the sound of ''brae''. Adding a -lyn to it doesn't turn it cute. It's an ugly name.
slight night shiver  5/17/2008
Actually, "lynn" doesn't mean lake. "llyn" or "lyn" means lake. Just thought I'd point that out. :D
DontDissMadison  5/2/2008
I'm a Welsh speaker and lake in Welsh is "llyn" not "lyn", and if you knew anything about Welsh phonetics they do not sound the same. Mere excuse to attempt to give this name a history it doesn't have. I'm not keen on the "lyn" names as it seems to be tacked onto any old sound/name e.g. Gracelyn, Raelynn, Kailyn etc. I do like the classic Evelyn though.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2015
I love this name. :) When I have a kid it's going to be her name and no I wouldn't be following a trend. I saw it on a website and loved it and never knew it was popular until I came to see the meaning and there are meanings for the people who say it's meaningless the others put them up if you would read a little, but oh well. If I choose this name I think I'd have to decide to spell it between
and also there is a boy verson "Braeley", it's my brother's friend's name. It might be spelt different "Brayley" but I like it that way. :)
carly_ann  1/5/2008
My name is Braelyn, and I thought it was awfully rude of what someone said about my name. The people named that cannot help that, so is it right to blame them? I'm not sure about the meaning of the name, but I have been told it means 'Salmon of the sea'. Hope my information was useful.
Braelyn  12/29/2007
In 1980 when I was a senior in high school I was sitting in my biology class thumbing through the dictionary. I had been dating the man I thought I might marry and was looking for ideas for our future children's names (as most girls do at some point). I found the word brae, which means hill (Scottish), since I am part Scot I figured pretty beginning. Then I started putting second syllables with it, since brae alone was too short. Thinking of my niece whose middle name was lyn with one "n", I put them together. Loved the name keeping it tucked away and only telling one of my sisters about it. 3 years later I got married, to a different man. I was pregnant within 6 months. A girl was born and in 1984 and the name was used. That is the origin of the correct spelling of the name BRAELYN.
― Anonymous User  8/16/2007
There's nothing wrong with parents making up names for their kids. Not everyone wants to be "traditional" and go with names that are etymologically significant. A lot of people want to be creative and make up their kid's names, and I don't see what's so wrong with that. There's no such thing as an illegitimate name. All names had to be made up at some point. Names aren't really even all that important when you really think about it. But rather the person behind it. I don't understand how some names are considered trashy, lower class, etc when it's JUST A NAME. It's not like just because some girl is named Candi doesn't mean she's promiscuous and just because a girl is named Elizabeth or Margaret doesn't mean she's a smart, preppy girl. Some people on this site take things way too seriously and need to tone it down a notch. It's not that serious.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2007
I agree. All names are made up at some point, and if we didn't invent more, we'd all have to stick with the traditional ones and be one of maybe 5 children in a school class with that name. I like the fact that some parents choose to be creative with names, and I think that naming your child as a combination of the parents' names is really nice, and adds a kind of, I don't know, heritage to the name.
― Anonymous User  5/6/2007
I'm sorry. I'm the first poster, and I just wanted to say I am very offended with all the individuals claiming this name means nothing and is completely made up. My name is my name. Take it or leave it! You certainly don't have to name your children anything unique, please feel free to stick with Anne and Adam, just don't step over the line. My name may be made up, but where do you think most names came from? Do you believe there was a magic book of names that appeared about the same times human beings set foot on earth. Please reconsider your stance and try to be less offensive to those of us with interesting parents. Thank you.
bralynne  3/16/2007
As for an above comment about such names, if it means something to the family (such as the first poster) then why not? A name can be changed by the bearer and is only important to them. In your life you are hardly judged by your name. "Oh you're names Braelyn so you're fired!" No! Meanings only have so much importance. It is personal stories that go with the name that are important. And a mix of the parents' names is a beautiful idea.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2007
I am rather fond of this name actually. Perhaps it is because I also like the names Brylie and Brinley, but who knows. I also take a dirty pleasure with the name Shaelyn. I don't know why, as it is very unlike my usual naming style. I hardly think this name is as terrible as it's potrayed to be; there is much worse a child could be named (e.g.- Nevaeh, Precious, Treasure, and, to top it off, Baby). I do tend to agree, though, that Branwen, Bronwyn, or Evelyn wouldn't be bad choices either.
Pheadirean  1/21/2007
Honestly, what is wrong with these parents?! This name has no meaning, no background, nothing other than just being an obnoxious trend, and it seems that these parents are deluded; they think that they are being "unique" with these names, but they're not. They are merely following a trend. Names like these nauseate me; overly "cutesy", superficial (in that they lack true meaning and history), and nothing but something that we will look at five, ten years down the road and say "Why did we ever do that?!".
gaelruadh19  1/14/2007
I believe this name means "powerful lake" since bree means powerful and lyn means lake.
Taydbug112  12/23/2006
If you spell it Bralynn, Lynn is Welsh meaning lake.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006
Also spelled Braylyn.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2006
My name is Braelyn, and I absolutely despise it. It's made up and has no historical background, and looks very trendy, considering how popular other lyn-names are at the moment. Why not go with Branwen? or Evelyn?
lulee girl  7/24/2006
If you look at the elements of the name, "brae" is a Scots word meaning 'hill', and "lyn" is a common name suffix which often denotes beauty. Therefore, "beautiful hill" is a fair estimation of this name's meaning.
Branwen  7/13/2006
Very unique name.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2006
I really like this name but I want to know the meaning besides that it is made from bray and lynn. Surely there is more to it.
chavel  2/17/2006
It doesn't. It was just made up, and it's not a real name. (IMO)
With no offense meant to the first poster.
Mithos514  3/19/2006
I was born in 1983 and my mother named me Bralynne. To my parent's knowledge the name had never been used (I can't verify this fact).

My mother explained that the name was created by taking my father's name, Bernard, and my mother's name, Melinda and trying to put them together. It began as Berlin, then Brelin, and finally, Bralynne.

Since I believe I am one of the first to have this name, I like to say that it means Unique, Independent, and Non-Conforming (I can't verify this either).
bralynne  10/13/2005
You can't just "give" your name a meaning. It doesn't work that way. Name meanings are composed of elements from different languages. Rosalind, for example, is composed of the elements "hros" meaning "horse" and "linde" meaning "soft, tender." You can't just say "the name Rosalind means blue lake" or something and make it so.
― Anonymous User  7/15/2008

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