Names Related to Brankica

Names that are related to BRANKICA:
BRANIMIR   m   Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovene
BRANIMIRA   f   Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian
BRANISLAV   m   Serbian, Slovak, Czech, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian
BRANISLAVA   f   Serbian, Slovak, Czech, Slovene
BRAŇKA   f   Slovak
BRANKA   f   Serbian, Croatian, Slovene
BRANKICA   f   Croatian, Serbian
BRANKO   m   Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Slovak, Macedonian
BRONIMIR   m   Polish (Rare)
BRONISLAV   m   Czech, Slovak, Russian, Medieval Slavic
BRONISLAVA   f   Czech, Slovak, Russian
BRONISŁAW   m   Polish
BRONISŁAWA   f   Polish
BRONISLOVAS   m   Lithuanian
BRONIUS   m   Lithuanian