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I think it's pronounced BREE-shee. Anyway, this is an absolutely gorgeous name. A terrific alternative to Bridget (and all it's variants), Bree, and Brianna (and all it's variants).
erb816  5/11/2009
I just found out that it's pronounced BREE-shay, they 'ey' diphthong making the 'ay' sound.

It can also be pronounced BREE-shuh:

I still really like it.
erb816  2/17/2010
Reminds me of the beginning part of the name Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah, which belongs to the talking horse from "The Chronicles of Narnia". Also sounds like breezy, which I like. An odd, unusual little name packed with spunk, and it's not just nonsense noises that sound pleasing together, it's actually a legitimate name with substance. It's so out-there yet still conventional and down-to-earth; I really, really like it.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2009
Pronounced BREE-shə. When at the end of a word, "ey" makes an "ə" sound. [noted -ed]
Ambiversion  10/26/2015

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