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Bret Easton Ellis, author of the novel "American Psycho" is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  12/19/2005
Also Bret is a Celtic Name meaning BRIGHT.
Yico  4/14/2007
Bret Michaels, lead singer of the rock band Poison.
jasmineenimsaj  3/12/2008
Bret Harrison is a young tv actor, and guitarist for the indie band Big Japan.
KillYourEgo  5/4/2008
Brett "The Hitman" Hart is a famous professional wrestler. His brother, Owen, was also a wrestler, but Owen died after a fall during a WWF event in 1999.
erb816  12/24/2009
Bret McKenzie is one half of New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody duo. Also known as Flight Of The Conchords!
― Anonymous User  5/17/2010
I prefer it as Brett, with two T's. It looks more complete that way.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2015
Wrestling legend, Bret Hart.
rockstarcrossing  5/3/2016
One of the greatest characters of 1950s T.V. was Bret Maverick.
BabyBoomer  7/20/2017
I hate this spelling, it looks mispelled and the association with Bret Michaels ruins the name for me.
XironDarkstar  11/24/2017

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