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Kind of basic, it just screams childish to me. Honestly, kind of gross.
Azifa  10/28/2019
I love this name it's really pretty. It's one of my B names.
SaltyLemon123456  9/29/2019
Being a Gabriella, I love the name Briella! I think if you want to name your child Briella, just use Briella because if you name your child Gabriella and plan to nickname her Briella, she will still end up being called Gabby, which I hate too. Briella is beautiful as a full name. If you like it, use it!
GabriellaCarrotcake  7/23/2019
Personally, I love this name but it sometimes gets mixed up with Brielle. Briella just reminds me of a beautiful autumn day in a flower patch. As I disagree with saying it should be a middle name or something along those lines. The name Briella holds a place in my heart since it belongs to someone very dear to me.
SomeoneNormal  2/17/2019
This name is really awful.
kayisforkeen  9/15/2018
I think any name that has ella in it is childish.
Luvbug86  10/3/2016
I think this name would be good middle name. It doesn't appeal to me as a first name.
Kaylee_21  9/20/2015
Finally this was added as a name to the site!

Despite my name tastes being rather "fancy traditional," I still love the "modern" name Briella - much more than the name it's derived from: Gabriella. The main reason being that Briella avoids the nickname Gabby, which is, honestly, an epithet.
erb816  10/8/2014
Makes me think of brie cheese.
ADT  10/12/2013
I second the "brie cheese" comment. Also, this doesn't sound like a real, full first name to me - more like either a nickname for Gabriella, or like somebody was trying to make up a name that was "like Bella but different."
― Anonymous User  9/7/2014
Beautiful, beautiful name! A good first name too! But I would probably name my kid Gabriella and have this as a nickname, since that is where this name came from. But I like it either way!
Gio123  9/19/2013

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