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Pronounced Brit-ta-nee.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2005
My little sister's name is Brittany and she pronounces it brit-nee.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2005
Spelling variants of the name Brittany I think are weird because Brittany is the name of a region in France.
AndrewJKD  4/2/2005
There´s a region in France named Bretagne. I think it is translated to Brittany, but in French it´s called Bretagne. So I wouldn´t even say that it´s a place name. It just doesn´t have a meaning.
Destry  4/18/2005
Celtic peoples from Britain (and especially from the area of Wales and Cornwall) fled from the invasion of their homeland by Angles, Saxons, and Jutes from Germany, and these Celtic people settled in Brittany (apparantly, it translates to "Little Britain") and, in their language, Breton (Breizhoneg), Brittany is known as "Breizh".

Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany are what King Arthur would have called "home".
gaelruadh19  5/9/2005
This name has dropped very far in popularity right after Britney Spears came out.
Paiges mommy  5/11/2005
A lot better than Britney, that's for sure. We pronounce it 'Brit-AH-Nee'.
goneaway  5/16/2005
A variation of Brittany or Britney is Britlyn.
― Anonymous User  6/11/2005
Variants on this name I have heard/seen are Brittanie, Brytne, and Bryttney.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2005
My name is Brittany, and I love it! Ever since I was born! My mom absolutely loves it too! More info: Brittany is a name used by boys too in the 14th century.
dalmationpups4  8/25/2005
I like this name, it's cool. Almost every girl has this name. Love it.
Sexy25  10/29/2005
Brittany would be a relatively nice name except it really has no meaning. And I find since it was popular in the early 90's it is overused now.
cesca3  11/1/2005
My name is Brittany, and my Dad said that I was named after some Roman man named Britanicus.
sky_eyes  11/20/2005
I find the name Brittany revolting and outdated, but it's definitely ruined for me by Britney Spears. Brittany is better than Britney, at least.
kanine  12/18/2005
This is an awful name! Ewwww! First of all, all the Brittany's I know are total snobs and bratty, second, who wants a name after the dumb pop star, Britney Spears?
Miamaya  3/2/2006
How can you say that all Brittanys are just snobs? My best friend is named Brittany and she the opposite of a snobby blonde stuckup girl. Stereotyping is stupid. You can't even say that about Brittanys because it's not true. Just because Brittanys you know are snobs doesn't mean that they all are!
blu  7/30/2006
Brittany Daniel is an actress.
lindamaree  3/8/2006
Brittany Murphy is a very talented movie actress.
lindamaree  3/8/2006
I don't think that you should let one person ruin a name. Maybe it is odd and outdated, but it's still a beautiful name. People usually aren't named after Britney Spears when they get named Brittany.
amber monkey  3/18/2006
Yeah, I have kinda always thought I hated it because my whole family doesn't like it, and someone who is really mean is named Brittany, and because of Brittany Spears and all.
Miamaya  4/20/2006
Putting Britney Spears aside, Brittany is a pretty name and I prefer this spelling. It makes for a good middle name too.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
I have the unfortunate burden of being stuck with this name. In the year I was born, it was the third most popular name for baby girls in the US. In nearly every class I've had since I started school, there has been at least one other Brittany or variation thereof, with the extreme case being five of us in the same class of 30-some students. I have always deeply resented my name, and this only became stronger when I found out it had absolutely no meaning at all. Furthermore, mention of the name tends to evoke images of blonde, rich, yuppie snobs, or ditzy, promiscuous cheerleaders to almost anyone of my age group or near it, myself included. The fame of Britney Spears only makes this worse. I strongly suggest any parent considering giving their daughter any spelling of this name to drop that idea immediately. There is a good chance they will resent your choice later in life, after suffering for it all through school and after. If that's not enough, can you honestly imagine someone's grandmother, principal, boss, lawyer, or virtually any dignified mature female thirty or more years from now, saddled with this trendy, cutesy, ubiquitous, pop-star namesake? I don't even want to imagine what the early-90s flood of Brittanys, Britneys, Britanies, and Brytnys are going to look like by age fifty. It's ugly. If you still manage to find yourself liking the name Brittany, it would be a lot more sensible and wise to go with any similar and less overused name - Brie, Brianna, Brionne, Britta, Brynne, Brenna, Brenda, Brielle, Bridget, Brigitte...the alternatives really are endless. Just, please. Don't drop another poor cookie-cutter Brittany into this world. The hundreds of thousands that we've already got are quite enough.
― Anonymous User  4/28/2006
I do disagree too with the anonymous who said on 28/4 that "Brittany" is ugly; you should go to sites speaking of the lovely country called so; it should give you a new image of this name.
kej  5/19/2006
For the girl who says she hates her name Brittany, I don't get why you would say it's just so cookie cutter blonde cheerleader. Just because Britney Spears was a pain in the behind to the world doesn't mean that every girl that is named Brittany is all the same picture of a preppy girl. My name is Britany and I love it! I only ever met one other girl named Brittany and she's 5 years younger than me. The name Brittany does have a meaning, it is the English name for a Celtic country in France. To the parents who are considering this name I think it's beautiful.
― Anonymous User  7/30/2006
I'm sorry but I have got to say to whoever commented that every Brittany they've met has been stuck up and snobby.

I have the name Brittany, and the last thing I am is snobby. There are a lot of Brittany's in my classes and I don't mind it, although it gets annoying sometimes. It's not the name that makes the person who they are, it's the person.
― Anonymous User  8/1/2006
Ok, to whatever 'snob' said all Brittanys were snobs - you're the snob for jumping to conclusions about a person because of their NAME. I, proudly, am Brittany. I'm not named after Britney Spears, and I'm not a snob. But I can be upset when somebody decides to go 'Ew! Anyone with that name is stupid'. So next time, please at least know someone with the name before jumping to conclusions. You likely only know one or two Brittanys, and therefore think everyone is like them.
Krazedkaigrrl  8/9/2006
One of my best friends is named Brittany. She isn't snobby in any way. But there have been a lot of "cookie cutter" girls with this name. The typical snobby, rich, backbiting, self centered, dramatic beauty queen who thinks the world revolves around her and her ego. But there are a lot of people who are like that, it just seems a lot of them have this "pretty girl" name. But no offense to anyone named Brittany, it's a cute name, just overused and stuck with some real brats.
Cayla  12/27/2006
Brittany is the English name for a Celtic country called "Breizh" in Breton, "Bretagne" in French, "Bretaña" in Spanish. When the Britons settled there, France did not exist; they created a new independant nation which has always been in close contact with the other Celtic nations until now (despite the conquest by France contested by an important part of the population). The more famous Brittany's singer and modern musician is Alan Stivell.
kej  5/6/2006
I feel fantastic many American women being called by the name of such a fantastic country (Brittany/ Breizh); are many Brittanys curious about Brittany, the country?
kej  5/10/2006
As I said earlier, the origin of the name is not explained totally right, as it is anachronic to speak of France when the Britons or Brythons established in Armorica. In that time, the Franks and a different people and culture until now; the Franks were creating a small "France". Brittany was to be an independant nation for 7 centuries and a different people and culture until now.
kej  5/10/2006
The Celtic Country (as Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Isle of Man) called Brittany, on the south of the English Channel, at the west of France .
kej  5/20/2006
This is my name, however it has always been pronounced Brit-ta-nee. I prefer to have the 'a' pronounced, and I know three other Brittany's who also prefer this.
bunyipbritt  5/28/2006
I think the name Brittany is a beautiful name for a girl.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2006
I think this is a pretty name, much better than Britney. I still wouldn't name my kid this though because a lot of people think anybody named Brittany is a snob and I wouldn't want her to get teased. I don't think all Brittanys are snobs. Anyone who thinks that about any name should have to meet all the people of that name in the world and THEN they can say something! :)
lauren_somebody  6/11/2006
I think that Brittany is first a beautiful name for a country, then a beautiful one for a girl; but a girl called Brittany should know what Brittany is about; that is called Education.
kej  6/20/2006
I'm sorry, I just don't like the name, it's just too blah.
Miamaya  7/20/2006
I've always pronounced it Bree-TAW-nee, whether or not that is the correct or "official" pronunciation. I like this name a lot. I think it is much better than Britni. I love it for a guy, for a girl it's okay. A lot of people disagree with me about it being better for a guy, though.
x_Fashion_x  9/10/2006
Brittany is pretty. It's sad it has been overused.
aricie  10/27/2006
I really like the name Brittany. I have to admit I am partial to it because it is in fact my name. Yes, I was one of the many little girls named Brittany in the early 90s. I don't think of a Brittany as being a snotty, stuck up girl. I have met many other Brittanys and most of them were really nice and down to earth. I don't think it's fair to generalize a name like that. I'm sure there are many snotty, spoiled Brittanys out there as well as many sweet and caring ones. That is the case for all names. Also, the whole Britney Spears situation never affected how I thought of my name. I use to get a lot of "Oh like Britney Spears" when I told someone my name but that phase has blown over thankfully. I think my name is beautiful and I am happy that my parents decided to name me it.
shiloh06  11/3/2006
This is also a breed of dog, so you know.
stuckonstupid  11/11/2006
Brittany is a beautiful name, not only aurally but also visually. The tall and majestic B, followed by the lowercase 'r-i' and 'a-n' perfectly lined up, separated by the symmetric double t's, and nicely concluded by the dipping 'y.' I am glad to be one of the many bearers of this lovely name.
― Anonymous User  12/9/2006
Brittany would be a very pretty name if it weren't for Britney Spears. And not all Brittany's are blonde and snobbish.
7up  1/26/2007
Brittany is a nice name and it is mean to discriminate against it because some people who are mean or snobby happen to have this name. I rather like it, even though it is somewhat overused. Anyone with this name, it is very pretty and enjoy it!
― Anonymous User  2/2/2007
I was just reading through these comments for no real reason, and some people are just too ridiculous. You should not be stereotyping at all, let alone by a name. Just because someone is named Brittany doesn't mean they are blonde, ditsy, snobby, or anything else. My name is Brittany, and my parents chose it because they heard it on a radio (no not a Britney Spears song) and liked the way it sounded. I was born before Brittany became a popular name. I only know one other person with my name. It is a beautiful name and a lovely place. You should not criticize someone because of their name; it's basically the same thing as being racist, just on a smaller scale. Don't take this as a personal attack, it's just my opinion. You don't have to like my name nor do you have to like me and what I have to say, but you should not judge me by my name.
bobo16  2/9/2007
I think the name Brittany is very pretty and I don't think anyone should judge people by their name or any snobby celebrity that happens to have the same one. We're all our own person, no matter what our names are and no matter what they mean. So stop saying mean things about people with the name Brittany, or with any other name. It's really offending.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2007
By the way, it's BRITNEY Spears, not Brittany Spears, so you should attack that page instead of this one.
7up  3/2/2007
I think Brittany is a pretty name, and the only problem I have with it is it's too overused.
― Anonymous User  3/24/2007
I was going to name my last girl Brittany but someone beat me to it and now I'm glad she did. I ended up naming her Autumn which is far more prettier. And whenever I think of the name Brittany, I do think of Brittney Spears. UGH!
Honeyrose  4/15/2007
There are way too many Brittanys out there. No offence. There are 4 in just my grade. And I haven't even counted the rest of the school.
― Anonymous User  4/27/2007
This name is pretty, but there are SO many alternative spellings, but Brittany is the most correct. After all, it comes from the French region. I prefer this to any other spellings.
CharlieRob  5/7/2007
Somebody says that "after all it is a French region". I don't agree; if we speak of linguistics we cannot take care of the adminstrative borders, we have to look after the linguistic areas; if the country of Brittany had some influence on the pronunciation, it should be a Breton (Celtic) influence (a mix of Gaelic and Welsh?), not a French influence.
kej  5/31/2007
I am sorry, I misunderstood; I thought we were speaking of pronunciation; for the spelling, yes "Brittany" is correct (could be "Breizh" the Breton for Brittany).
kej  5/31/2007
My real name is Brittley and I always get called Brittany, so I've grown to hate the name.
― Anonymous User  6/4/2007
It's just really ugly, in my opinion.
Surreal  6/9/2007
If Brittany is ugly for you, choose the actual Brittany's version: Breizh.
kej  6/14/2007
Yes, it's ugly all the way and that version is uglier, but not that snobby. All the Brittanys I've met are snobby, all of them. Sorry, it just happens. But even if all were angels and down to earth, the name would still be quite ugly. In my opinion, it's very trendy. In 1998, it was number 35 I think, then next year 69 or something, then it dropped out! That was quite fast. And I totally understand. Now it's sinking lower and lower. This name is terrible!
Emeline  7/3/2007
I think that it is really sweet.
ArcticSnowgirl  9/8/2007
Talented actress Brittany Snow, who has been in recent films "John Tucker must Die" and "Hairspray".
Ashley_h  9/14/2007
Actually, there is another pronunciation. Brittany has 3 syllables. BRI-TAH-NEE
Unlike the no talent clown from Louisiana. Britney (BRIT-NEE)
queenbrittany  9/25/2007
As others have said, Brittany is the English name for the Breton region of France, and it is pronounced Bri-ta-nee. It is absolutely not pronounced Brit-tawny or Brit-tah-nee. What you're doing is a bit like me saying I'm going to pronounce 'armchair' as 'AH-ma-Kahrah' or something because I think it's pretty. If you can't pronounce a name properly, don't give it to your child!
― Anonymous User  10/22/2007
MY name is Britni and I love the way I spell it. It is a very beautiful name and it has a variety of ways to spell and pronounce it. I pronounce my name Brit-nee NOT Brit-ta-nee.
Britni  10/23/2007
Brittany has 83 variant forms: Bibi, Bret, Bretny, Brett, Bretta, Brette, Bretteny, Brettiney, Brettney, Brettnie, Bridnee, Bridney, Brit, Britani, Britany, Britanny, Briteny, Britianee, Britiney, Britiney, Britney, Britni, Britny, Britnye, Briton, Britt, Britta, Brittainny, Brittainy, Brittamy, Brittan, Brittana, Brittane, Brittanee, Brittaney, Brittani, Brittania, Brittaniee, Brittann, Brittanyne, Britte, Brittell, Britten, Brittenee, Britteney, Brittenie, Britteny, Brittiani, Brittianni, Brittiany, Brittie, Brittin, Brittina, Brittine, Brittiney, Brittini, Brittiny, Brittknee, Brittlin, Brittlynn, Brittnaye, Brittne, Brittnea, Brittnee, Brittneigh, Brittney, Brittni, Brittny, Britton, Brittoni, Brittony, Britty, Brittyne, Brityn, Brityne, Brytnea, Brytni, Bryton, Bryttani, Bryttany, Bryttine, Bryttnee and Bryttney.
Britni  10/23/2007
I think this name could be for anyone, and I love how it has to do with Britain.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2007
Brittany Miller is the "leader" of the Chipettes and, occasionally, Alvin's on-and-off girlfriend.
funinthesun19  12/20/2007
Brittany reminds me of sparkles and the color pink. Don't exactly know why though.
Delicious_Panda  1/30/2008
I guess people don't care about the EXTREME popularity of this name. In my age group alone, every other girl's name is Brittany. Same goes for Ashley.
jasmineenimsaj  2/15/2008
Will you change the pronunciation to add "BRIT-a-nee"? This is how it would always be pronounced in the UK. I think in an American accent it is easier to slur the sounds together and get "BRIT-nee", and even in an English accent if you're speaking quickly. But said carefully, it's pronounced as it's written. It's like saying that Stephanie is pronounced "STEF-nee".

This name is fairly rare in the UK - most people would think of the region of France just across the Channel, home to so many rainy camping holidays! Or Brittany Ferries! It's certainly never been half as popular as in the US.

I really like it - there is something vaguely Celtic and ancient about it, but also contemporary, which is completely lost in all the spelling variants. Luckily I don't think of Britney Spears at all. Because I pronounce them differently!
aquamarina  2/27/2008
Ok my name is like everyone else that has this name but the thing is I have a spelling you can't find! Mine is Brittiny. Not any or ney or even ny. It's strange as can be but I like it!
bri369  4/10/2008
I have always thought the name is beautiful, even though it has a bit of a bimbo reputation. This was the name of the dimwitted but nice blonde cheerleader on Daria, and the name is associated with Britney Spears, not the sharpest tool in the shed, and Brittany Murphy, who seems to have gotten a trashy reputation at some stage. The name has a tendency to conjure up an image of a ditzy cheerleader or a blonde bimbo or some other stereotype of the alleged female stupidity, which is too bad, as there must be many different Brittanys out there. The name is simply so common in America that not all Brittanys can be stupid or unpleasant. Maybe the fact that this name is very much American has something to do with the bad reputation. Since this name not only reminds people of superficial, ditzy blondes, but AMERICAN ditzy blondes to top it all off, I can sort of see why people might dislike the name everywhere. I mean, this name would be pretty weird in Britain. Another problem is that the name sounds like the cutesy and youthful name Tiffany, which is also considered a bimbo name. I do think Brittany sounds more mature and sophisticated, but it does admittedly sound quite young, even if not child-like. Britney Spears, of course, is the current international female scapegoat for people to project their hate on. Every decade needs one. That's another rather sexist reason why the name is disliked.
slight night shiver  5/17/2008
This name doesn't seem to be as popular as it is said to be. I only know one Brittany.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2008
Brittany Keiffer is one of the 7 girls on Queen Bees.
Dianna475  9/1/2008
The first bearer among all to be quoted is Brittany the country and Celtic nation.
kej  9/11/2008
In the presentation, you speak of a French region: meany people can be interested by the fact that it is above all one of the six Celtic nations. You give also the French name for it, "Bretagne", it would be good to give Brittany's name in Brittany's language, isn't it? That is to say "Breizh".
kej  9/11/2008
The popularity of "Brittany" seems to have begun when the musician, singer and composer Alan Stivell, from Brittany, became famous in the early seventies.
kej  9/19/2008
I have mixed feelings about this name. My best friend has this name! HOWEVER- I also happen to know a girl who fits the 'snobby' reputation of the name. It's quite a pretty name, if you ask me, very feminine, not at all 'out there'. I'd like it more if I didn't know horrible people with this name.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2008
For some reason, when I see Brittany written out, the word "brat" comes in mind. (Even before Britney Spears tainted the name.) Brattany. It's just one letter away from being that. *Sorry to all the Brits out there*
― Anonymous User  11/18/2008
This is my own name, and I used to dislike it due to the negative connotation with Britney Spears. Classmates and teachers constantly misspell my name as 'Britney', and it used to bug me to death. Now I simply let it slide since Britney Spears is old hat now, anyways.
Hoshi-ul-Verse  12/30/2008
This is my name, and I usually like it. I think it has a nice sound and looks pretty written. People ALWAYS misspell it, but other than that I'm fine with it. I know a TON of Brittanys, so friends and family call me by nicknames--Britt, Britty, Bit, Bitty, Little Britty (because I'm the shortest of my siblings), Britty-Brat and so forth. The most unique nicknames I've ever had are Bratny and Briffinikins.
britto08  3/17/2009
Brittany is like a hydrangea -- blue, bright and bold, it is like candy sweet.
Gods.daughter  5/13/2009
I like this name, and people should realize that not everyone hates this name. First, just because Britney Spears went through some bad times doesn't mean that she's a bad person. Second, it also does not mean that this name is ruined. Third, I've known Brittanys who were pretty smart, so that shatters everyone's stereotype of this name.
bananarama  7/9/2009
Britney is a trashy harpy. I'd rather not speak of IT.

However, the name BritANNY I admit to having a little like for but would never use because of the immediate association with a "place name", pop scum and air-heady monikers a la Tiffany.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2009
My mother wanted to name me Brittany but spelled Britni (TERRIBLE!) My grandpa convinced her not to by saying that Brittany is a dogs name because of the Brittany Spaniel. She named me Courtney instead. Still not much better but Brittany, but I am so grateful I was not named Brittany. In my opinion, it is one of the ugliest names one can have.
Aaronmiles  9/18/2009
It's very overused. When I think of the name, I imagine an outgoing, popular, but bratty teenage girl. I'm not saying all Brittanys are like that, or that I don't like the name- just that that's the image I get.
YourAchillesHeel  11/29/2009
My name is Brittany. I was named after my dad, Brett, his name means "one from Brittany". A couple months before I was born, Britney Spears was just coming out and mom almost didn't name me this because of that. But decided that Spears would probably not become popular. Ha. She was very wrong! But I've never thought to associate myself with Spears. Ever. My name means "strong". I pride myself on that meaning, because I've held up to it both physically and emotionally. I love my name. I only know one other Brittany and she is very nice. Don't base choosing this name on Britney Spears, or any other person you know. The only other Brittany I know is nothing at all like me. People grow into their name. But they make their name fit them, not the other way around. If you like it, use it. Because it is a beautiful name and I'm very proud to have it.

PS. I go by Britta, which I love. :)
― Anonymous User  1/7/2010
This is better than other spellings, but not by much. Despite the associations, I think it sounds rather blunt and ugly. Even without the associations, it doesn't sound very intelligent.
The cheerleader stereotype should be dead by now- enough people have the name for it to be.
Overall, I prefer the dog breed. :)
lucyskydiamonds  1/10/2010
This name is so stylish! I want to be called this, it's so pretty! But I wouldn't want the nicknames it has, just Brittany is great!
― Anonymous User  1/24/2010
It's a nice name. Youthful and free-spirited. It doesn't age well, though. Can you imagine a little old lady named Brittany?
Black_X  5/5/2010
I met two Brittanys. One was a whiny brat and the other was a skank. I'm sure there are decent Brittanys out there but to me it is a trashy redneck name.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2010
It's a pretty nice name, even though it certainly doesn't age well.

Also, I really dislike the misspellings. It's a place name!
Chrila96  10/17/2010
I always thought that this was a pretty name... until I met some Britneys. I currently know 5, and no offense to anyone named Britney, but everyone I know named Britney is trashy. So maybe what you name your child has a little to do with the personality?
pupcake9798  2/22/2011
Although since there really is no meaning for it, I would tell my future daughter Britney that Britney means 'Beautiful'. And you guys know that there are lots of Britneys, and although a lot of them are snobs, a lot of them are also very reliable and nice people. Also, you can vary it a lot: Britlynn, Britleen, Britanna... the possibilities are endless.:))
pupcake9798  2/22/2011
Brittany sounds outdated and boring. It's been overplayed like so many other names.
Missy  6/3/2011
My best friend's name is Brittany, and she shortens it to Britt. I personally pronounce the name "Brit-a-nee" because saying "Brit-nee" reminds me too much of Britney and I dislike that name. My friend actually pronounces it the "Brit-nee" way; I don't think it bothers her which way people say it!
aussiejess  6/10/2011
"Hey Brittany" is a song by Forever the Sickest Kids.
guardgirl15  12/24/2011
I don't like this name. I never really have. It just sounds so immature and bimbo-ish to me (no offense to anybody reading this named Brittany).
― Anonymous User  2/24/2012
This is not pronounced Brit-nee without the a because then it would be britney but it has an a in it so it is pronounced Brit-tan-nee WITH THE A, wherever you come from it has an A! No excuses and the people with this stunning name will find it offensive to be called britney after britney spears, britney is a chavs name so god get it right!
Brittanynotbritney  5/8/2012
Brittany is pronounced brit-nee. Like Margaret (marg-ret) the A is silent. Overall I think it is a beautiful name and much better than Britney.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2012
My name is Brittany, and I was born just before Britney Spears became popular. It's not anything wrong with the name itself, but being a tomboy when I was a kid I was teased for it. Even with the spelling different, I got a lot of "Hey, Britney Spears!" From other kids. And around the time I started middle school, every time I told someone my name, there was a good chance they'd say... "Oh, you don't seem/look like a Brittany to me." Because of my dark hair and calm personality. I STILL get that. So just name your kid Whitney or something if you love the sound, but not Brittany.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2013
I think it is a pretty name, a lot of people think Brittany is a bratty name, including me at times. People do have a stereotype for the name and is used a bit too much, but when you think about it, it is not a bad name, it is a pretty one :)
cccake15  4/14/2013
Sounds so ditzy and preppy.
Lolth  4/28/2013
I haven't always liked the name Brittany, but people saying it has "no meaning" makes me angry. My grandparents were born in Brittany. It has been part of France for 500 years, but I still have a crazy great-uncle who advocated for it to return to being its own country. That's probably not a great idea (it's not why he's crazy though), but it is a beautiful place with a long history. No, it doesn't literally mean "hope" or "grace" (it literally means "Of Britain," which I kind of like because the other side of my family is from England), but it still has a lot of meaning and power.

As to a famous bearer, my middle name is Anne, and Anne of Brittany was the last independent queen of Brittany. (Look her up on wikipedia - my mother and I joke that we got her forehead.) Brittany wasn't her name in the traditional sense, but a lot of last names come from the country people are from, and last names become first names fairly regularly.

Like I said, I haven't always been crazy about the name Brittany, because I felt like it didn't have a lot of history as a person's name. I read a lot as a child, and was always frustrated that in children's books "Brittany" was inevitably the friend of the snobby antagonist (the only example I can think of from when I was older is Quinn's friend in Daria) - Brittany isn't going to be the hero of a story. And of course, I got a lot of "Oh, like Britney Spears?" which I never liked.

For a number of reasons I am considering going by Anne instead, but that is made easier by learning about Anne of Brittany, because it makes me feel less like I am turning my back on all the meaning the name Brittany does have. The fact that no one thinks of that history and only remembers the pops stars is frustrating, but don't let it get you down.
Bannef  10/7/2013
My name is Brittanny (I just have the double N in it, it's pronounced the same) so the person who said that all Brittany's are bimbos and snobs couldn't be more wrong. I ain't blond *cries*, I am an otaku *cries harder*.

P.S for anybody wondering, Britney and Brittany are two different names, Britney being pronounced as BRIT-NEE and Brittany being pronounced as BRIT-TAH-NEE.
brittstick  10/7/2013
I've always found this name tacky. It has a rather hard sound to it, especially with the American accent, dropping the second syllable.

A pure 90s trend that fortunately stayed in the 90's.
Tiger Lilly  10/27/2013
I like this name, it sounds so bright and cheerful, I really don't understand why some people associate the name with a stuck up bratty girl. I get the exact opposite image when I think of this name. I think of a girl who is clever and cheerful and full of imagination.
BuyBeerOrPayTheRent  10/8/2014
Since this is the original, traditional spelling I think Brittany is better than "Britney". The way "Britney" looks reminds me too much of Britney Spears. I like the pronunciation "BRIT-nee". I ♥ that Brittany is the name of a region in France! (“⌒∇⌒”) This is a beautiful, gorgeous, brilliant, amazing, classic & elegant name! 。◕‿◕。 P.S. All the cheerleader, blonde, bimbo, stuck-up, bratty, preppy, ditzy, snobby etc. Stereotypes should stop because obviously not ALL Brittany's are like this! ⊙︿⊙ It's shocking how high the number of people discriminate against the name Brittany. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ.
― Anonymous User  10/26/2014
Update: Hmm actually I think prefer the spelling of Britney more than this original spelling. But even if the spelling "Brittany" is used I do still love the sound of this name if it's said as "BRIT-nee". Anyway, the rest of my comment still stands! :)
― Anonymous User  7/31/2015
For all of you that want to dismiss the stereotype reference that is just plain idealistic. I am a sociology major and there is a psychological occurrence called "schema" that is in play with not only this name but with most names. The reason why this name brings to mind negative associations is just that--there are so many girls with this name and many of them are rather shallow and unremarkable. No offense to anyone and I know this is a blanket statement, but I am trying to convey why this name has such negative connotations. Too trendy, too shallow and too ditzy.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2015
For all these girls that hate on Britney just because she's named like that, let me tell you tha'st to be stupid, she's the most famous Britney in the world, more than any of you.
FranciscoFF  5/27/2015
My name is Brittany, I used to get teased a lot and called Britney Spears and they would say mean things. But I love my name and I don't care if it's overused. My name was supposed to be Brianna, but I'm glad my grandmother chose this name for me. I am not snobby or stuck up I'm the complete opposite. For those who say girls named Brittany are stuck up, I know of other girls named Brittany and they are so nice and I met some girls with my same name that aren't so nice. We each have our own personalities that make us who we are. So please stop thinking we're all the same.
Britt15352  5/27/2015
Too many variations that no matter how it's spelled it would be confusing.
lilpimpteller  6/15/2015
I think Brittany is an absolute beautiful name and it fits all the gorgeous girls named Brittany out there. It was in the top #10 of popular names for over 10 years, I think everyone may know a Brittany in her early 20's now. The name was so well liked it did get over used, not such a popular name now. I think this is one of the most popular names out there of all time!
― Anonymous User  6/20/2015
Brittany is a such beautiful girl name. The name sounds very nice, cool and very attractive.
babynology  8/24/2015
I am an early Brittany, born in 1983, and I was always the only Brittany in my class in school. When I was a kid, people thought it was a strange name and made up all sorts of nicknames for me (I went by Britta). But then the name became super popular, and then Britney Spears became popular in my high school days, and now I am left with a name that sounds kind of ditzy (it reminds me of Tiffany or Crystal from my day). Since I am old for my trendy first name, I am also perceived to be younger than I actually am in my professional life. I am now a professor, but students tell me they are often confused by how a Brittany can teach college. So parents, consider these issues if you want to give your child a name that is uncommon but rising in popularity; it may actually hurt them professionally in the future!
britt520  10/26/2015
My parents' baby name book says that Brittany is of Latin origin and means "from England." I guess it might be related to Brittani, a Latin word meaning "the Britons," and also Britannia, the Latin word for Britain.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2015
Other spellings of this name: Britney, Britany, Britni, and Britany. It is a nice name. Not too popular. Sounds pretty. It has a nice flow. It means from Britain. It sounds like Britt-any or Britt-knee. Either way you want to pronounce it.
KelseyDog  3/27/2016
Brittany is a common name in different countries. Even its meanings are different for different countries. They are from Great Britain, England, Australia. It's just a name with no good meaning.
naomiwatts  7/21/2016
Please don't be offended, but the name Brittany makes be think of a stuck up snobby, spoiled, cheerleader so I hate this name. Not saying all Brittany's are like that, but that's just why I don't like that name.
Sania01  7/22/2016
This just screams out that you're a dumb blonde from Beverly Hills.
StrattonO  12/8/2016
My name is 'Brittneigh' and pronounce it brit-nee, spelling it 'Brittany' doesn't mean you pronounce it 'brit-ta-nee' because when someone asks your name you'd just say 'Brit-nee'... I have nothing against the spellings 'Britney or Brittany' I think they are lovely but I do prefer mine and my dearest friend who is currently missing and they spelt hers 'Brittanee'.
― Anonymous User  1/20/2017
My name is also Brittneigh and I pronounce it 'Britt-nee'. There are two ways of pronouncing the name depending which one you prefer, the above comment about her friend, her name is Brittanee and they pronounced it 'Britt-nee' also, not 'brit-ta-nee'.
Brittneigh  1/21/2017
I like Brittany but only in this spelling, or maybe Brittania. On the contrary I don't think it's dumb sounding or whatever. You can pronounce it Brit-nee or Britta-nee or Brit-ta-nee. It goes nice with Tuscany, too! :)
― Anonymous User  10/12/2017
As a Brittany, I feel the need to add some input here. Growing up with the name, I never honestly liked it. I loved when my nonno, or great grandpa, would call me Brittania, it sounded prettier. It was far TOO popular of a name in the 90s. I hated meeting other girls with the same name. I had 2 other Brittanys at one of my middle school bus stops. And no, not all Brittanys are blonde or airheads, or were even remotely popular in school, and many of us despise the references to pop stars.. just saying. We all had different personalities. I was going through an angsty loner phase (I have dark brown hair, but dyed it black at the time), one was "emo" (light brown/dirty blonde) and the other was totally normal (blonde hair, blue eyes, very nice girl). It got incredibly tiring to hear all the Britney Spears references all the time. I know about the history of Brittany, the region in France, but even that isn't enough to make me truly like my name. Beautiful place, love their Brittany butter cookies.. ❤️ I gave it a shot, but still seriously dislike my name to the point that I wanted to get a name change and was going to go through with it if not for my husband's strong resistance. My middle name, Marie, while not exactly original is prettier sounding, if sad in meaning. But I still prefer it over my first name. My dad also called me Brattany, sometimes. It was a nickname that didn't bother me, but just saying so that future parents are aware. I was going to change it to Carmen, keep my middle name Marie. It's my grandma's middle name and has a beautiful meaning. That's one of the things that bothers me the most, the lack of an actual meaning and lack of thought and originality on my parents' part in picking this name for me.
HeavenlyRainbow  2/19/2018
I love the name Brittany and I am planning to name one of my three daughters Brittany Josephina after Brittany Logano the wife of NASCAR star Joey Logano!
― Anonymous User  3/29/2018
Brittany has the only surviving Celtic culture in France, even though a celtic tribe called the Gauls lived all around France, along with a few Celtiberian wandering groups.
Mattie Rugg  5/1/2018

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