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The nickname Bron for Bronwen is used in English.
nafer1  6/4/2007
Bron is also a male name whose origin is Afrikaans, which means, "source".
Dravinus  10/17/2007
I've never known or known about an Afrikaans person with the name "Bron". It is a word, and it does mean "source", like the source of a river as well as figuratively, but I'd like to see a reference.

Bronson is sometimes used as a male name in South Africa. But, once again, never by an Afrikaans person as far as I know.
Anneza  10/22/2007
Many of you will laugh at this, but I find this name to be masculine in sound. I think it only works in the culture it comes from, as people from the US and Canada, for instance, would surely think it's masculine, short for Bronson or something.
slight night shiver  5/17/2008
I agree with Slight_Night_Shiver, it sounds very masculine to me. Reminds me of "brawn."
MoonAgeDaydreamer  6/15/2009

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