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The nickname Bron for Bronwen is used in English.
-- nafer1  6/4/2007
Bron is also a male name whose origin is Afrikaans, which means, "source".
-- Dravinus  10/17/2007
I've never known or known about an Afrikaans person with the name "Bron". It is a word, and it does mean "source", like the source of a river as well as figuratively, but I'd like to see a reference.

Bronson is sometimes used as a male name in South Africa. But, once again, never by an Afrikaans person as far as I know.
-- Anneza  10/22/2007
Many of you will laugh at this, but I find this name to be masculine in sound. I think it only works in the culture it comes from, as people from the US and Canada, for instance, would surely think it's masculine, short for Bronson or something.
-- slight night shiver  5/17/2008
I agree with Slight_Night_Shiver, it sounds very masculine to me. Reminds me of "brawn."
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  6/15/2009

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