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Some people find the meaning of this name quite suggestive or strange. I would like to point out that the "bron" of Bronwyn can also be used to mean "skin."
Bronski  1/9/2005
Though the direct translation of this name means "white breasted" it makes more sense if you translate it as "pure hearted".
Katterrena  2/20/2005
I could be wrong, but according to Welsh, it should be pronounced more like "BRON-wen" as in "groan".
gaelruadh19  3/23/2005
Pronounced just as it looks. Is the correct version -- Bronwyn would be male as it uses the Y instead of the E in 'wen'.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2005
I concur with the statement that ‘Bron’ should be pronounced just as it is spelt: the problem may be that American English does not use the short, rounded ‘o’ vowel-sound that is so common in both Welsh and British English. To British ears, American pronunciations of ‘dog’ are either ‘dahg’ or ‘dawg’. Though it is not clear why this should lead to the instruction to pronounce ‘Bronwen’ as ‘Brahnwen’ it is a fact that that is how most American speakers will pronounce it, as they do not, or perhaps cannot, pronounce the required vowel.
AgTigress  8/25/2005
Bronwen is a beautiful name! In fact, I read a really good book where one of the characters was named Bronwen.
eponine_pontmercy  11/22/2005
White breast? Lots of teasing potential there, but otherwise very pretty.
― Anonymous User  5/30/2006
This was my name, but it was "Bronwyn" with the Y. It's an awful name. Growing up my mum told me it meant "guardian of God". Then we were doing something to do with our name origins in Social Studies and I found out the real meaning and so did everyone else. I barely survived all the teasing it caused in my last 5years of high school. If you're considering this name for your kid, don't. I'm so glad I got it changed.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2006
Apparently "bronwen" can also mean "weasel"! (Just discovered it in my Welsh dictionary; "wenci" is the far more common word.)
H Gravy  7/8/2006
Bronwen is the name of writers Edward and Helen Thomas's second child and elder daughter, Bronwen Thomas.
MariaNikolaievnaRoma  12/25/2006
My name is Bronwyn with a Y and I'm half Welsh and a girl. So let’s fix some mix ups, Welsh was originally a spoken language so any spellings are according to the English and not necessarily applicable. It not only means white breasted but is symbolic for virgin so unless you end up with Mary as a middle name like I did there is no reason to complain. Lastly a neat fact is that Bronwen is the daughter of Dylan the Welsh sea god.
BronwynB.  1/21/2007
I think this is a very pretty name - despite the relatively suggestive meaning. But I think it would be better translated as "fair/white skin" then "white breast". When I hear the name Bronwen, I picture a brunette girl, with kind blue eyes, with a mature personality, and a loving, gentle heart.
Georgia_kh  4/10/2007
In the book, "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz, this is the name of Odd Thomas' girlfriend, though she prefers to go by Stormy.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2007
Having a girl at my school called Bronwen, I know that it is pronounced Bron-Wen (Bron - as it is spelt and like the name Don, not Brahn or Brawn or anything American like that! Wen - exactly the same as how you'd say When, unless you say the "h" in it that's MEANT to be silent!)
DontDissMadison  1/10/2008
A beautiful name that has substance. The sound of it has a bit more to it than a lot of popular names in the Ella/Ellie/Emily/Amy vein. Rich in mythological association, too.

I really don't think the meaning 'white breasted' is so bad. I mean, what is even wrong with having white breasts?! OK, I know having your name mean anything to do with breasts is a bit juicy, but it's not as if the meaning is transparent. I feel sad for anyone who is teased because of their name, but I defy anybody to show me a name that is impossible to make fun of. Mean kids will use any material they can if they decide to tease someone.
aquamarina  2/27/2008
I think Bronwen is a very beautiful and elegant name. "White breast" doesn't need to be embarassing, "breast" could mean the upper chest below the neck, that you would see in a regular cut top.
visitor27  4/24/2008
To me, the name sounds masculine. Yes, I know it certainly isn't masculine in the language it comes from, and it's only used for females in the culture it comes from, but the name sounds a bit out of place in the US, and it really does sound masculine. The first syllable ''Bron'' sounds masculine, and the ''wen'' sounds masculine, as it reminds me of masculine names like Darwin and Edwin.
slight night shiver  5/17/2008
Hey, well my name is actualy Bronwen, but everyone shortens it to Bronnie. Bronwen is pronounced like it's spelt, almost every Welsh word is! So yeah is Bronwen like on and wen like how you say when. I'm Welsh and yeah I know what the name translates into hahah. Bron--breast and funny enough (though my parents didn't know this when they named me) but Bronnie said in an broomy accent is actually like bronnau, and bronnau means breasts.
bronniedavis  9/2/2008
I really don't know why I like this name. I just do. And I don't think it sounds masculine at all.
erb816  11/24/2008
Nice for a character. Not so great for a person, because of the meaning. Don't you picture a pretty girl with this name? XD
Kerules  7/6/2009
Regarding the meaning of this name, which translates roughly to "white breast": it is common to read in pre-20th century literature of the "breast" or "bosom" (think "my bosom friend" or "feelings welling up in my breast") as synonymous with the more modern understanding of "heart" (as in "let me speak from my heart"). The breast or chest (both male and female), like the heart, was viewed as the seat of emotions and even character. The too-literal translation of "white breast" really misses the point. "Pure of heart" is probably the best translation. Think the opposite of "black-hearted."
Eleni  7/18/2009
As Bronwen (Branwen) was the daughter of Llyr, the god of the sea, perhaps the "white breast" in the name's meaning is also evocative of the white foam on the "breast" of the waves - that it is in fact a "sea name", like other Welsh names such as Dylan, Morgan and Merlyn.

That seems more likely than the "pure of heart" suggestion which seems a bit far-fetched for ancient pagan Ireland, when being pure was not the highest of priorities!
Betty Blue  7/23/2009
I have to argue that Bronwen is not equivalent to Branwen as some of you are suggesting. Branwen would be a white raven, which is quite different from a white breast or a pure heart. Heather Rose Jones has apparently researched the origins of these names here if anyone wants to read more.
bronwen77  7/29/2009
The meaning isn’t at all suggestive. In the context of Bronwen’s meaning, “breast” is equivalent to “chest”. Bronwen means “fair chest”; “white breast” is too literal a translation.

Bronwen is a beautiful, strong name for any female.
alicehartley4884  11/19/2010
A beautiful name! A special character in my most favorite novel, "How Green Was My Valley".
cbeth  1/14/2012
All that I hear and see when "Bronwen" is presented to me is "Brawn"... hardly the most feminine thing out there. "Brawn" is, of course, fine as a word... but it is simply a hideous deed to be entered into the pronunciation of a name!
A little girl's nickname should never be "Brawny," no matter the extent (or lack of) tomboy-attributes she possesses.

Personally, I think that the fact that it is Welsh and ends in "-wen" is the blinding attraction that people hold for it.

Unprofessional and comedic, I find.
Francesca  1/25/2012
For some reason unknown, I'm drawn to and love this name. Heaven knows why, it's simply 'brawn'+'when', but there is something strong and sweet about Bronwen. I imagine a quiet, thoughtful, smart young girl.
BlueBlue  9/1/2012
This meaning is nothing to be embarrassed about. It could be used a great ice-breaker. The interpretation, of course, is "pure hearted".

In Old English, "-wyn" means "joy". So, the spelling Bronwyn could mean "joy of the breast"!
Tiger Lilly  7/2/2013
Winnie could be a good nickname.
Hushpuppy  4/1/2014
I'm a girl, and have a variant of this name, (actually the male version) Bronwyn. I can tell you already do not worry about getting bullied - it doesn't happen. Once, in fifth grade, we were finding the meanings to our name. My teacher practically shouted out "fair-breasted". The whole class was laughing and I was thoroughly embarrassed. And then it was forgotten within 5 minutes.
In respect to the name being "ungirly" because it has the pronunciation of brawn, my nickname for a long time has been "Bronnie", or sometimes even "Brownie", mostly because I have brown hair and brown eyes, so I do kind of look like a brownie I guess?
Everybody I've met has loved this name, even if it took them a couple tries to get it. I think it makes me memorable in a world of Sarah's and Taylor's.
This is a truly beautiful name.
Bronwyn77  11/10/2014
I was named Bronwen for the character in "How Green Was My Valley." My father was of Cornish descent and my mother of Welsh descent and he gave my mother the book while she was carrying me. It was a challenging name to grow up with as children [and adults] can be dense and sometimes cruel. I always knew when the teacher got to my name on her list as there would be a long pause. Only two syllables but apparently tough to manage and, I was told, "too different." As an adult I am very happy with it. Thanks to my mum I am not called
"wennie" or "bronnie". I am glad for that as well.
― Anonymous User  1/25/2015
I am so blessed that I was named Bronwen. It is pronounced exactly how it is spelled, even though everyone in my entire life during roll call couldn't pronounce it correctly! My name has shaped who I am - I am 34 and have met 2 others in my life. Very unique and I love it. My father got my name from the Welsh mythology series "The Mabigonian" by Evangeline Walton. Within these books are other names like Dylan, Rhiannon, Annwn, and Llyr. Great read, great names, all with great meanings. If you are thinking about naming your baby girl Bronwen - do it.
Bdassing  8/12/2015
Hello, I also bear the name Bronwen (brrr-on-when) as we Americans pronounce it. I'm also of Welsh heritage. The male variation of this name is Bron or fair.
The meaning of my name, white breasted, was never an issue. I have found any woman I have encountered with the same name is beautiful inside and out, well rounded, a little eccentric, and well to hold her own.
Blessings to all.
Bronwenm  9/29/2015
Bronwen is my name, I was named after a Welsh Princess. Search heroines of Wales, Bronwen Welsh Princess. The meaning of the name translates to white breasted but like the Stoat. There is no sexual meaning, only the English appear to want to change the meaning and take it out of its proper context. Think about it, no Welsh Father would inflict such a name on their daughter.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2016
I am a Bronwen also. I love it as a woman in my 40s now. Recently I have had people telling me I spell it wrong. I explain to them that no, it is correct! They don't get it. I was never teased at school and most people comment on how beautiful the name is.
It's pronounced (Bron-when). The reason people have trouble is because different accents pronounce differently. Apparently Americans don't have the required vowel pronunciation to say it, and have difficulty.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2016
My name is Bronwen.. named after the popular character in How Green was my Valley. I have HATED my name until about 10 years ago.. I am in my early 40's. I have learned to like it more as I have matured. I have 5 children and I named them all very cute Irish names to stay true to my heritage, but to also work in America.
I LOVE meeting Bronwen's. I met a group of Welsh woman last weekend in Boston and they said my name as beautifully as I have ever heard it!
What it means, who cares. It is how you carry your name :)
bronwen7  8/14/2016
Bronwyn is not the male version, Bronwen is a completely feminine name. Bronwyn is the Irish spelling, where it is opposite of the Welsh rule, en for female and yn for male. As for the name, Bronwen is very pretty.
XironDarkstar  1/24/2018
Being a Bronwen myself, I believe that it is a beautiful name often taken too literally. It is translated to ‘fair child’ the ‘Bron’ meaning ‘of the breast’. Traditionally in Wales, the variant ‘Bronwyn’ is masculine however, it can be used as a feminine name.
― Anonymous User  4/9/2018

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