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Bruce Wayne is Batman's alter ego. Bruce is also the name of the shark in "Jaws" and in "Finding Nemo."
-- breakofday  12/9/2005
Two famous bearers - Bruce Springsteen and actor Bruce Willis.
-- Anonymous User  12/14/2005
One famous Bruce was Bruce Jun Fan Lee, Chinese-American martial artist and actor.
-- Ylva  3/30/2006
I don't like this name, it is a really cold and unfeeling name.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2006
My father thinks this name sounds effeminate. I disagree and rather like it.
-- wefrox  5/28/2006
The movie "Bruce Almighty."
-- Tudor  6/14/2006
I like the name Bruce, it's very masculine and is quite popular in Australia. ;)
-- Ariel  6/17/2006
This is my name but I am not fond of it. Oh well. I'll get over it.
-- greeneyesmagee  12/10/2006
In England, Wales and Ireland the name Bruce means: Briar patch--Thicket (as in rough patch of woods) and also: Lord of the Woods. This info comes from entries by my Irish-Welsh great grand parents about my first name.
-- BruceY  1/7/2007
Hollywood actor Bruce Campbell is a famous bearer.
-- violetagate  7/19/2007
A famous bearer is Bruce Hornsby, an American singer and pianist.
-- Mel_13  12/29/2007
The name always makes me think of really idiotic men who like to act tough and manly. It doesn't have a pleasant sound to it anyway. Come on, it's pronounced like 'bruise'. And it's the middle name of that moron Eminem.
-- slight night shiver  5/17/2008
"Bruce Wayne" Batman.
-- silverstardust  5/25/2008
A Monty Python Sketch where all the men are named Bruce.
-- Jeana Bradbury  7/14/2008
Bruce Banner aka The Incedible Hulk.
-- Jeana Bradbury  7/14/2008
There is also Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden.
-- sameraneo  2/25/2009
Sounds like a very nice middle aged bald man. And I think of penguins. I think I saw some cartoon about a penguin named Bruce or something.
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  3/14/2009
My name is Bruce, I'm no better or stronger than any other, a name is a name, you are who you are, I'm an asshole, a good person, a bad lover, a good lover, I'm like everyone else but with my own name, they could have called me Sue!
-- Bwilson  10/1/2009
Bruce Walker in the main character in Lois Duncan's novel "Hotel for Dogs". In the film version, he is portrayed by the adorable Jake T. Austin.
-- Anonymous User  11/29/2010
Reminds me of bruises. Don't like it.
-- Chrila96  12/4/2010
I don't really like the look or sound of it but I have a huge soft spot for the name Bruce because I love Bruce Springsteen and I was a big fan of Bruce Willis when I was younger. I consider Bruce a very manly name, almost macho.
-- CN  12/19/2010
Reminds me of a bruise. It's also one of those names that I can't picture on men under 40 (of course, they were kids once too, but it still sounds odd on young boys).
-- mrose19  8/11/2011
The name of the town may come from bruscia, a Vulgar Latin word meaning "brush", which is ultimately from bhreus, a Proto-Indo-European word meaning "sprout".
-- arrowhead909  3/2/2012
This is also Mandy Patinkin's middle name.
-- AnastasiaE  9/10/2012
Formula 1 driver and founder of the McLaren team Bruce McLaren.
-- zyr  10/27/2013
J. Bruce Ismay was the managing director of the White Star Line and survivor of the RMS Titanic disaster. After the disaster, he was called a coward and a 'Benedict Arnold of the sea' by the press, as well as the biggest coward in history.
-- KarenAurora  6/8/2014
Think it is a good idea to give your little baby boy a pretty-sounding name like Bruce? He won't always be a little baby and Bruce is not appropriate for a grown man. I have hated my name for over 45 years. Please don't name your child Bruce.
-- orenbruce  8/24/2014
The given description discusses the history and origin of the name, yet fails to explain what the name means.
-- bwpbruce  1/20/2015

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