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This is better than Brunhild, but still not that great.
Liesl  10/19/2010
Brunhilda is the given name of the titular character Ponyo from Hiyao Miazaki's "Ponyo" or "崖の上のポニョ" (Gake no Ue no Ponyo).
jeannie.  12/22/2010
Broomhilda is Django's wife in Django Unchained. Although her name is spelled differently, it is implied to be based on the legend of Brunhild/Brunhilda/Brynhilder.
bibi66  1/4/2013
It still makes me think of Brünnhilde, or the stereotypical fat lady who sings wearing a Viking helmet from Wagner's, Der Ring des Nibelungen when we think of opera singers.
gch1995  3/13/2015

GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: Dutch, German

CONTRIBUTOR: Lucille on 7/21/2007

Meaning & History

Variant spelling of Brunhilde.
LMS  1/13/2017
I like this name. It is uncommon and strong. Even though I would never name anyone I know Brunhilda, I think this name is womanly, poetic, and beautiful. It is a good name for a princess or a character in a book.
CinderellaTiger  7/1/2017
Have a daughter with this name coming!
Germania  8/21/2017

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