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Bruno Schulz - "Cinamon Shops" fantastic literature, fantastic writer.
-- caryca  1/8/2006
BRUNO is an awesome name! I know this little boy with this name. He's so cute! But anyway, this name is awesome, but it depends on how you think of it as an adult name. Hmmm...
-- rubberduckiiz2  1/9/2006
My husband's middle name is Bruno. It gives ethnicity to his name. It's a fun and strong middle name. In high school his friends called him Bruno. Kinda unique, huh?
-- cwalker4  9/13/2006
Bruno Pelletier is a French-Canadian pop star, having been in the French language musical 'Notre Dame de Paris'.
-- kateyvic  10/10/2006
This is the name of a dog on Cinderella. Remember the dog who dreamed about catching that evil step-mother's cat? He was also turned into the driver of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage.
-- Cyneburga  1/26/2007
I'm named Bruno and live in Brazil. What I can say about this name? Every year I had to study with at least one Bruno, since it is so common here. :P
-- brunosprak  4/18/2007
Has also been used for boys in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  7/2/2007
French singer and songwriter Bruno Caliciuri goes by the name "Cali" on his albums.
-- Veronica_Mignon  8/12/2008
Bruno was the 9th most popular name in Rome in 1936 and the 4th in 1941 behind Franco, Roberto and Mario.
-- presentperfect  12/20/2008
This is a Polish variant, too.
-- Anonymous User  1/5/2009
Bruno is the main character in the book and film "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas", set in wartime Germany.
-- rachypiesheepbaa  1/25/2009
Brüno is a character played by Sacha Baron Cohen on Da Ali G Show and in the movie Brüno. He is a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion television host.
-- leylaellen  7/20/2009
I love this name, but unfortunately I can't use it because of that movie with Sacha Baron Cohen.
-- bananarama  9/30/2009
Also used as a boys name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
-- goricar  11/16/2009
Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and her late husband, journalist John Diamond, have a son called Bruno Paul.
-- sarescent  12/9/2009
I would never name my kid Bruno. I associate the name with density and stupidity.
-- Anonymous User  5/31/2010
Bruno Mars: a singer.
-- sailormars  10/11/2010
In 2009, Bruno was on rank 112 of the most popular boys' names in Germany. Still many people seem to consider it rather old-fashioned. Personally, I have yet to meet a Bruno who is younger than 50.
-- Nevian  10/19/2010
It's also used in Poland and pronounced BROO-naw here.
-- Chwala  4/15/2011
I really hate this name. It makes me think of Bruno Mars, who I also hate. If I could strangle a song it would be his song Grenade. So yeah, I probably won't ever use this name.
-- guardgirl15  6/16/2011
Why hate on Bruno Mars? That was rude an unnecessary. Besides, his real name is Peter Hernandez. He adopted the name Bruno after a wrestler.
-- Anonymous User  3/25/2013
I can't help but like this name. Masculine, classic, and there's something rather sensuous about it.
-- gaelruadh19  1/10/2012
Bruno von Egisheim-Dagsburg was the birthname of Pope Leo IX (Pontificate between 1049-1054).
-- CarolinW  6/12/2012
Bruno of Carinthia was the birthname of Pope Gregory V (Pontificate between 996-999).
-- CarolinW  6/12/2012
Bruno (953-?) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I and his wife Adelheid.
-- CarolinW  7/22/2012
Bruno Amoroso was a Danish/Italian economist, author, and Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Department of Society and Globalization of the Roskilde University. He was internationally best known for his work on globalisation.
-- cutenose  1/28/2017
I am sorry, but when I hear or read Bruno I must always think of the name of a dog, even though I know someone with this name.
-- Kaat5  5/8/2017
Bruno Meyer is a Swiss religious leader, founder of the Menorah church, a small fundamentalist Christian, evangelist congregation based in Wetzikon, canton of Zürich. He was convicted for rape and child sexual abuse in two cases in 2010.
-- lilolaf  7/19/2017

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