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I am also reminded of a flower before it blooms, which in that case would make this a feminine name as well as masculine.
Bazinga  12/24/2011
No thank you, not as a legal name. Am I the only one reminded of a flower before it blooms?
Meapergirl  12/18/2011
This is my best friend's brother's name... well, nickname actually. It seems to me that he was named after his grandfather, and they used Bud as an everyday nickname so that there wouldn't be any confusion. I must say, that while a part of me doesn't like this nickname, having known a Bud has really colored my opinion of this name for the better. While I wouldn't recommend it for a first name, it's doable as a nickname :)
― Anonymous User  4/27/2011
Bud is also nickname of name Budislav, Budimil, Budivoj and Budimir.
Meg_Simpson  10/22/2010
This sounds ridiculous as a legal name, and it makes me think of Budweiser beer.
bananarama  11/30/2009
This makes me think of the word butt.
renee06  5/23/2008
Like Buddy, this should only be used as a nickname. As a real name, the name is asinine and immature. This one actually sounds friendlier than Buddy, as Buddy is, by no means, always used as a term of affection.
slight night shiver  5/18/2008
Makes me think of beer and commercial father/son relationships. Not very good allusion in my opinion.
livieluvbug  11/30/2007
My father went by the nickname of Bud, in order to avoid confusion with his own father after whom he was named. Coincidentally, my maternal grandfather also went by Bud to avoid confusion with HIS father after whom HE was named. Maybe only because of this, I've always really liked this name. It makes me think of handsome, really nice guy. I only like it as nickname, though, not for a true given name.
queenv  10/1/2007
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell is a famous Australian actor. To find out why he was called Bud and his impression on the name you can visit:
nafer1  9/12/2007
Bud Light immeditiately comes to mind.
spaz123  9/3/2007
Bud Bundy off Married with Children.
― Anonymous User  8/2/2007
Bud Fox was the character played by Carlie Sheen in the Oscar winning film "Wall Street".
rosco kid  4/27/2006
Bud was the first name of the fictional character Lieutenant Commander Bud J. Roberts, Jr, U.S.N., in the television series JAG.
ctjj.stevenson  1/17/2006

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