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I've also seen it spelled with two l's: Cadwallader. I think it looks nicer this way.
indigopearl  8/2/2006
You might think it looks nicer with two ll's, but this would indicate an incorrect pronunciation. (The double l in Welsh is voiceless, unlike the single l in Cadwalader.)
Kosta  7/9/2007
The name of the headmistress in Diana Wynne Jones' book 'Witch Week'.
srr  9/1/2006
Someone said they prefer the spelling Cadwallader. This would be pronounced wrong if said with an 'l' sound.

To say Cadwallader, the 'll' is pronounced by putting your tongue to say 'l' then blowing out. (and don't forget that all the other letters are 'hard', not 'soft)

Hope I've cleared this up for folks!
910  7/28/2009
I certainly did not mean to suggest that there is anything wrong with using the variant "Cadwallader," though it would indicate an incorrect pronunciation in Welsh. Names undergo mutations all the time and always have.
Kosta  3/26/2015
It was spelled Cadwallader in Shakespeare's "Henry V," though most likely pronounced as Cadwalader would be. Then again poor Captain Llewelyn (which was likely his real name) was called Fluellen the whole time...
erb816  5/17/2011
The Welsh spelling is Cadwaladr.
Pie  1/26/2013
Cool how it means "cad" (battle) which is the same origin as "Chad". This could be the long form of "Chad" everyone is looking for!
dimitridominic  11/19/2014
My last name is Cadwallader and we pronounce it just the way it sounds: Cad-wall-ader.
Korina Layne  2/14/2016

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