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It is also an anagram of the ancient Greek word "cademon" (KADEMON in Greek). From the ancient Greek verb "Kekadmai", meaning "winning the battle".
Damis  3/4/2005
I also heard it pronounced cade-mon with a long "a" sound.
Wunderkind_Princess  3/28/2006
Don't like this name at all. Looks and sounds unattractive.
kookiemonster71  12/30/2008
I know an Inuit girl named Caedmon and she pronounces it kied-men not the way you list it. Caedmon is also a girls name.
noribori  10/23/2010
It should be noted that first of all, Caedmon is a saint in the Roman Catholic church. St. Caedmon is also not just an Anglo Saxon poet but THE earliest English poet whose name is known.

A soft "a" is how it is supposed to be pronounced, however everyone I have met with the name uses a hard "A". This may be because of how it is spelled or because of the band "Caedmon's Call" which pronounces it that way as well.
LarissaL  2/11/2014
What about the surname: Cadman? Is there any link with Caedmon?
eshipham  4/6/2018

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