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Hairy, huh? That's a vivid image.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006
Little Caesar's pizza. Haha.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2006
Julius Caesar burned down the Library of Alexandria. :(
dramaelf  8/7/2006
Caesar salad. Heehee.
spaz123  9/9/2007
In Latin it would be pronounced ki`sar (long i, short a, emphasis on first syllable).
― Anonymous User  10/12/2007
What sort of a pompous egomaniac would name their son this? Okay, I'm pretty sure no one would, but then again, people are crazy.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
Julius Caesar was famously bald, and although then as now bald men had a sexy reputation, he was embarrassed about it and combed his remaining hair forward to hide his very high forehead. His laurel wreath also came in handy.

And, no, he did not burn down the Library of Alexandria. When he died, Christianity hadn't happened, and this act of vandalism was a Christian act.
Anneza  10/7/2008
It's possible Julius Caesar accidentally set part of the Alexandrian Library on fire, but it was not destroyed by Christians as Anneza has said--its final destruction was by Muslims in 642.
breakofday  10/7/2009
It IS pompous, and it sounds like a title rather than a name. Nobody could ever be like Julius Caesar, or any ancient Roman for that matter.
bananarama  11/29/2008
Not sure what's wrong the the above posters, people name their kids this all the time, just not with this spelling. I think the most common spelling nowadays is "Cesar," especially in Spanish-speaking countries, and it's not seen as pompous at all.
Nasar7  1/22/2009
Omg wow! Wonderful meaning! :D
Chrila96  10/5/2010
Mmmm... I love Caesar.

In salad form.
Dancing_Dragonfly  1/20/2011
Caesar Flickerman was that talk show host with blue hair from the Hunger Games. Stanley Tucci played him in the movie.
AnastasiaE  10/2/2012
Name of the Day - October 7, 2012.

Also the name that will be used by the Weather Channel during the 2012-2013 winter season (following Brutus).
― Anonymous User  10/7/2012
I never knew that "Caesar" likely meant "hairy". *Very* descriptive! But is it a good description or a bad one? I could imagine giving this name to a furry dog, with that in mind.
gaelruadh19  10/7/2012
Caesar himself believed it meant 'elephant killer' from a north African language. This was because an ancestor killed an enemy elephant during the first Punic War against Carthage. An elephant appears on coins issued by Caesar.
Anton  8/4/2013
This is a nice name. I don't hear it a lot and I think this spelling CAESAR is pretty awesome. I prefer the Roman spelling over CESAR, the Spanish version.
Bajafresh  9/13/2013
I was so sure it meant 'sky king' or something like that, because the 'cae' part was so similar to the Latin word for 'sky.' ;o;
ComradeJocasta  10/7/2014
Caesar Ramon Martinez was a character in the The Walking Dead, more famous in the comics. He was The Governor's right arm, but he mostly went by with just Martinez.
callofgaming  3/5/2015
Seems very harsh on a little boy, and you can't get any good nicknames out of it.
― Anonymous User  7/2/2015
I like this name. It's not pretentious or pompous, the name has been around since before the name of Jesus so it's a pretty old name.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2016
Caesar is the name of the main chimpanzee from the new Planet of the Apes reboot series, who's played by Andy Serkis.
Whipsmart  9/7/2017
I know an adorable little boy named Caesar. We call him C, Seezy, Squeezy, Squeezer, C-meister, etc. He gets lots of compliments on his VERY cool and awesome name, with an interesting and good historical reference behind it. He has an afro when he doesn't have braids in ;) so hairy is a good meaning :D.
Raygun  1/30/2018

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