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Because of the spelling, this looks more Gaelic to me, and more old. If I were ever to use a form of "Katelyn", this would be the one.
Pheadirean  8/3/2006
IT MAY LOOK MORE GAELIC but it isn't. It is a twisted American version, just stick to the original! I mean people moan about people's spelling abilities, and moan when people spell their name wrong but if everyone changes the spelling of every name then everyone will be downright confused!
― Anonymous User  1/26/2007
The name Caitlin is tired already and this takes the cake; Caitlín (KAHTCH-leen) is a diminutive of Caitríona - if you want to use this overused piece of trash, use it as a pet name and choose Caitríona (the Irish form of Catherine) as a given name.
gaelruadh19  1/27/2007
No, no, no, no. Just no!
― Anonymous User  2/6/2007
I think this a horrible way to spell Caitlin.
michi_vane  2/13/2007
This spelling is an absolute train wreck.
kazoopilot  12/24/2009
Did we really need yet another kreatyv spylyng of the already massively overused Caitlin? I don't mind the original spelling so much (even if it's not my own personal naming style), but I've never understood what's so awesome about this name it merits well over 100 known spelling variations.
Anyechka  10/29/2015
This spelling looks so ugly. Name will be misspelled all the time.
Luvbug86  11/5/2016

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