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It doesn't matter how many extra "i" and "gh" you throw in, this name is not and will never be Irish.
kazoopilot  12/24/2009
This name screams babyish! It's so ugly and someone with this name won't be taken seriously.
bananarama  1/29/2010
Makes me think of phlegm.
vomiting  3/14/2011
Contrary to popular belief, I think this name is gorgeous. It's going on my list.
Joy12  5/6/2011
I think this spelling is too much. If you're going with this spelling of the name, use Caleigh. The extra I is just too much. And it's not "try to be Irish", it's just using a language convention, like Ph as F. It's just using our weird language's weird spelling conventions.
Eievie  5/9/2013
The extra "G" seems kind of odd, to me for some reason. But I think the name sounds nice however you choose to spell it for your daughter. :)
Gio123  8/7/2013
This is my middle name. Never loved it, never hated it.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2016

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