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What a beautiful name this is! Wonderful alternative to Caitlyn, which is pretty, but overused. Caitria is the Irish form of Catherine, which means pure. I imagine a demure, gentle spirited, yet strong and smart young lady.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2005
Pronunciation is KAT-ree-a :-) Beautiful name.
Elly747  1/29/2005
I would pronounce this name Kayt-ree-A
― Anonymous User  4/27/2005
Such an awesome alternative to the ubiquitous Katherine/Catherine! I, too, would pronounce it Kay-tree-a.
Jasmine  3/1/2007
Rare and beautiful name. Very delicate and soft when spoken.
_0TophasNails_1  12/25/2008
I find this name very nice, soft, and delicate, but I didn't know how to pronounce it at first.
-Julia-  8/4/2009
Pronounced KAHT-ree-uh (Irish), KAY-tree-uh or KAYT-ree-uh (English).
erb816  4/22/2010
I've always liked Catharine (that spelling), but that name in general (Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn) is so overused. I went through a Catrin/Catrina phase for a while, but I don't necessarily like those names written out. I *would* really like Caitlin, but that name and several of its variants are on the rise in terms of popularity as well. (For instance, my godmother's daughter's name is Caytlin--spelled that way.) Cateline is a *very* pretty name, but I have a feeling that if I ever gave it to my daughter, it would constantly be misspelled.

And then. I came across Caitria. I have never before met anyone with this name, but it's simply breathtaking. And I would pronounce it the English way (KAYT-ree-uh) because of the first 'i' following the 'a'--I automatically blend them together. Anyway, flawless name.
erb816  4/22/2010
Caitria is believed to be derived from one of three Old Greek sources: Aikaterine, meaning "purity," katateinô, meaning "torture," and from the Goddess Hecate who was the goddess of protection and witchcraft. This name is commonly associated with being used in the English and Irish languages.
phoenix418  4/29/2010
Pronounced Kay-tree-uh.
phoenix418  4/29/2010

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