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What a beautiful name this is! Wonderful alternative to Caitlyn, which is pretty, but overused. Caitria is the Irish form of Catherine, which means pure. I imagine a demure, gentle spirited, yet strong and smart young lady.
-- Anonymous User  1/16/2005
Pronunciation is KAT-ree-a :-) Beautiful name.
-- Elly747  1/29/2005
I would pronounce this name Kayt-ree-A
-- Anonymous User  4/27/2005
Such an awesome alternative to the ubiquitous Katherine/Catherine! I, too, would pronounce it Kay-tree-a.
-- Jasmine  3/1/2007
Rare and beautiful name. Very delicate and soft when spoken.
-- _0TophasNails_1  12/25/2008
I find this name very nice, soft, and delicate, but I didn't know how to pronounce it at first.
-- -Julia-  8/4/2009
Pronounced KAHT-ree-uh (Irish), KAY-tree-uh or KAYT-ree-uh (English).
-- erb816  4/22/2010
I've always liked Catharine (that spelling), but that name in general (Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn) is so overused. I went through a Catrin/Catrina phase for a while, but I don't necessarily like those names written out. I *would* really like Caitlin, but that name and several of its variants are on the rise in terms of popularity as well. (For instance, my godmother's daughter's name is Caytlin--spelled that way.) Cateline is a *very* pretty name, but I have a feeling that if I ever gave it to my daughter, it would constantly be misspelled.

And then. I came across Caitria. I have never before met anyone with this name, but it's simply breathtaking. And I would pronounce it the English way (KAYT-ree-uh) because of the first 'i' following the 'a'--I automatically blend them together. Anyway, flawless name.
-- erb816  4/22/2010
Caitria is believed to be derived from one of three Old Greek sources: Aikaterine, meaning "purity," katatein├┤, meaning "torture," and from the Goddess Hecate who was the goddess of protection and witchcraft. This name is commonly associated with being used in the English and Irish languages.
-- phoenix418  4/29/2010
Pronounced Kay-tree-uh.
-- phoenix418  4/29/2010

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