Namesakes for Caius

Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 1 pope
      Caius   283-296  
Saints: 2 saints, 1 blessed
      Saint Caius   ?-296  
      Saint Gaius Francis (a.k.a. Caius)   ?-1597  
      Blessed Caius   ?-1624  
Shakespearian Characters: 8 characters
      Caius Proculeius   Antony and Cleopatra  
      Caius Marcius   Coriolanus  
      Caius Cassius   Julius Caesar  
      Caius Ligarius   Julius Caesar  
      Caius   King Lear  
      Doctor Caius   The Merry Wives of Windsor  
      Caius   Titus Andronicus  
      Caius Lucius   Cymbeline