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Calix means 'the most beautiful' from Greek 'kalistos' (=most beautiful).
-- desert rose  3/9/2007
There is a small city in northern Sweden called Kalix.
-- Beautiful Victory  3/4/2010
Spelled Kalix, it becomes the name of a Swedish town. The name of the town is derived from the Kalix river, which, in turn, has got its name from the Sami word gállit, "to wade", or gálus, "cool". The form Kalix was probably inspired by the Latin word Calix.
-- Caprice  10/27/2010
The singer Edward Ka-Spel named his son Calyxx, which very much seems to have been derived from Calix. (Seeing this name finally makes "Calyxx" make sense to me, because, knowing Ka-Spel, Latin definitely seems like a language he'd pull a name from.)
-- Pippin  5/13/2011
I believe the name is pronounced CAH-lee, but I could be wrong.
-- Samhain the Dark  7/29/2011
I like this name a lot. I'm not sure what the correct pronunciation is, but I pronounce it KAY-lix. I'm sure that's wrong, but I like the sound of it. This is a very strong and interesting name for a boy.
-- Tawnee  3/31/2012
I like the name, it's unique. Never heard of a guy named Calix before.
-- Karina  7/4/2012
Better than 'Felix' in my book.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  9/6/2014
My name is Calix and it is pronounced (Kay-Licks). It is the name of a pink flower, it is a small part of the kidney, and is a chalice. Also, it's origin is Greek.
-- Anonymous User  3/26/2015
WAYY better than Felix or aka "feel licks" but it's just way too close to that disgusting name for me to ever use it. For a character, sure. But for a child, I'll be sure to stay away from any "ix" ending names.

If one wished to honor the names Felix and Caleb or Callum or possible Calvin, this name may be for you. Calix looks like a mashup name.
-- Anonymous User  5/18/2015

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