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Can also be pronounced "CAL-ee".
WCSAngel  8/21/2007
Calleigh Duquesne is a fictional character of TV crime show "CSI: Miami". She is played by actor Emily Procter.
Charlie1977  8/21/2007
It´s a horrible name. :-((
Karcoolka  9/26/2007
My name is Callie, and I would consider using this version of my name as a middle name for a future daughter of mine. There's something sweet and beautiful about the "leigh" ending.

And to the person who said it could be pronounced "CAL-ee". Yeah, that's pronounced the same as "KAL-ee".
DorktasticKelly  2/17/2009
Good god, this is horrible. It looks as if it would be pronounced CA-lay. What is with everyone replacing lee/ley with 'Leigh'?!
― Anonymous User  7/22/2013
This is my name and I absolutely love it. I was never too fond to the way people spelled Calleigh the short and simple way.
calleigh121500  9/2/2015

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