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The Latin form of the ancient Greek name Kamillos. In Greek mythology, Kamillos was one of the Kabeiroi, gods worshipped in Samothrace.
Damis  3/4/2005
This is actually a Pagan name as the "attendant at a religious service" in fact means "an assistant at Pagan religious ceremonies".
audreyhubley  8/28/2006
Derived from an Etruscan word meaning "minister."
capitalc21  7/6/2008
Camillus, NY, is the name of a suburb of Syracuse, NY.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2009
This name is borne by Marcus Furius Camillus, also known as the "Second Founder of Rome". He was a general known for many victories and retaking Rome from the Gauls after its sacking.
Antares  5/22/2016

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