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Very pretty, why not more Candelaria's?
bellaboo  11/13/2006
I couldn't agree more! What a delightful name! I just stumbeled across it, I have never heard of it before but it's going straight on my favorites list!
Tango  6/5/2007
To me, this name seems too long and pretentious to be used by a little girl. And people might shorten it to 'Candy', which I find atrocious. Bleh. I like the 'Del' part of the name, but the rest I dislike.
Eee  6/13/2007
This name sounds like a disease to me. She had a bad case of Candelaria. UGH!
Honeyrose  6/13/2007
A Puerto Rican love song mentions a Candelaria.
Swallowtail  12/27/2007
Candelaria also is a name derived from the Native American 'Spanish' Indians. Apache tribe, Comanche band in the Mexico and Arizona areas. Candelaria was the name used to describe the wax that was extracted from cactus. Which was used to make candles and other wax items. Candelaria is a more a luminescent than an outright light. Like the warm glow of candle light apposed to the stark light of something fluorescent. Not just a quiet beckon which means help and support Candelaria is a wax that is pliable and able to conform to the needs of it's creator. A flexible, tolerant giving name for a matterial which serves a variety of purposes even to this day.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2008
What a gorgeous name! I can just picture this dark-eyed beauty with lips the color of wine and a rose in her hair. It is just so elegant, and it sounds like the name of a devout Catholic, since it means Candlemas. All in all, a wonderful name.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2011
This can be a surname, as it was the maiden name of my grandmother. It doesn't sound right as a first name to me, it sounds too elaborate.
sunshinechild67  6/13/2012
This is a beautiful, refreshing name, very unique. Although Spanish is not as melodic as the similar sounding Italian, it could still be used in either language.
Hushpuppy  6/13/2012
Candelaria Pérez was a Chilean soldier, who served in the War of the Confederation against the Peru–Bolivian Confederation. Initially, she was a cantinière, but she took up a fusil and fought alongside the men she served with. She was considered the hero of the Battle of Yungay, during which when she led an assault against the entrenched Confederate troops. She was given official recognition and the rank of sergeant after the battle.
cutenose  6/13/2017

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