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My name is Caoimhe Siobhan and we pronounce it Keeva. I was born in Ireland but I grew up in the States. I love both of my names. I go by the nickname Keavy.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2007
In Scotland they also pronounce Caoimhe, Koy-vah (Coy rhymes with boy, ALMOST sounds like "Qwaver").
jen354011  8/24/2009
How the hell is this pronounced "KEE-va" or "KWEE-va"? From how it's spelled, it should be "ca-OM-ee" (like Naomi). Why do people spell a name one way then pronounce it another?
― Anonymous User  10/29/2012
LMS  5/16/2016
That's the beauty of Gaeilge, the beautiful language that once lilted across the Irish hills with regularity a couple hundred years ago. Gaeilge is a dying art form, as is Scottish Gaelic. Cymraeg (or Welsh for the uninitiated) is very commonly used in Wales, so it lives on. The thing I've noticed about these languages is the use of dipthongs. For example, with Caoimhe, there's a dipthong in there that few notice, unless you've learned Gaeilge, and that dipthong is "mh", which is pronounced with a very soft v sound. Caomh is Gaelic for peace and it is conjugated somewhat to create Caoimhe.
TewdwrMawr86  10/25/2017

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