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Rick Carlisle, the head coach of the Indiana Pacers, has this surname.
miraclegirl80  8/20/2005
Carlisle is a city in northwestern England. I have never thought of it as a name, but it's not bad.
visitor27  3/18/2006
Carlisle is the name of a city in south central Pennsylvania, in the United States.
Sara Ruth  5/29/2006
I live in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. And only recently did I consider using it as a name. I even thought of the possible nickname "Carli"!
Pheadirean  7/1/2006
Carlisle Cullen is a major character in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
Lomesir22  7/31/2006
It has a very elegant sound. I like it!
czechcrazy  12/16/2006
I love the name. It's obviously an older name and is not used too often, and I like being more original (without getting dumb and naming your kid after a vegetable or something).
― Anonymous User  1/11/2008
I think that Carlisle is a really masculine, elegant name. The only way that anyone could think it was a girls' name is if they pronounced it CAR-lease-el.
Akito  3/19/2008
Carlisle Cullen, a fictional vampire doctor from Stephenie Meyer's famous Twilight books. He is 362 years old and known for his strong will power and compassion.
TwilightTilDawn  6/30/2008
It's a stupid name. Really, what would possess you to call your child Carlisle?! And I haven’t even started on the inappropriate naming of Carlisle Cullen (Twilight fans should know what I'm on about.)
Glamorous  8/3/2008
This is the middle name of 'Dexter' and 'Six Feet Under' star Michael C. Hall. I like this name, but much prefer it as a middle name.
KillYourEgo  1/10/2009
I think Carlisle is a very strong sounding name. It seems elegant and calm. I am all for this name!
megan1ellen  2/15/2009
I do not like this name. It has nothing to do with Twilight, I like Twilight, but I don't like the sound of Carlisle, the spelling looks somewhat clumsy, and it took me ages to figure out the pronunciation.
emmiix3  3/15/2009
I wish that I had heard of this name without Twilight. Now whenever I mention it people must bring up my pettiness for loving a name from Twilight. A fantastic name overall, but with the Twilight pandemonia, not something I could use at the moment.
margs66  3/22/2009
I find this name to be quite ugly. It probably has to do with the 'Car' beginning. It sounds out-dated rather than classic. The nickname 'Carl' doesn't exactly help either.
gethsemane_rose  6/21/2009
Awesome name and very easy to pronounce if you've ever seen the word "aisle". Seriously, people. That said, as much as I love it, I could never name my child this name because of Twilight (even if he was the only bearable character in that series).
slyboots  11/15/2009
I love this name. I admire the astrophysicist Carl Sagan so much that I would love to name a child after him, but I can't stand the name "Carl" - it sounds too harsh and brusque. "Carlisle" would be a beautiful compromise. The two "L" sounds in the second syllable softens it, creating a melodious, well-balanced name.
FreedomsPaladin  9/2/2010
I like this name for a girl. I have a friend named Carlisle, but she mostly goes by Carli just because her last name is Callen, so she gets a lot of Twilight references.
megi99  2/11/2011
The name Carlisle was given to 46 baby boys born in the US in 2012. I like it. And I don't think the pronunciation will be a problem anymore.
Oohvintage  7/20/2013
To me this name sounds handsome and mysterious but also gentle, plus you rarely see it.
EqualityandLoveRall  7/2/2014
A very sweet yet sophisticated name, it would sound great on a boy and man.
BuyBeerOrPayTheRent  9/27/2014
Carlisle is my last name. I love it and I get many compliments on it. But it's always been misspelled and people like to pronounce it wrong too! But I love it and I love my full name!
Brca  5/1/2015
The name Carlisle was given to 35 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/30/2016
My husband is named Carlisle. His name comes from a Scottish family lineage. His full name is Carlisle Edward Wilson 4th. When we tell people his name they often laugh and tell us it's very regal sounding or we get the "your name has 2 "Twilight" characters in it ". People also can never spell it correctly or pronounce it right. I love my husband's name and love how much history is behind it, but he hates it.
Anissasky17  8/17/2016
Yes I love the name Carlisle so much so that I named my son Carlisle. It's a very unique and lovely name and I can't understand why people dislike it so much. If we all chose the same names no one would be different!
Viviani85  6/2/2017

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