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It doesn't mean love in Welsh, it actually means "my loved one". It's a really old fashioned name, the Welsh equivalent of say Edith or Ethel. Ancient almost.
-- carys copestake  12/27/2004
I wouldn't say this name was related to either Ethel or Edith which, in spite of their Old English roots, are themselves unrelated, as Ethel means "noble" and Edith means "prosperous strife".
--  3/19/2007
Actually, Carys is a very modern Welsh name, compared to something like Edith, which is over 1000 years old. It's an invented name, based on caru + the -ys ending common in popular names like Dilys and Gladys. According to the British birth records, it was first used in 1903, but was very rare until the late 1940s /early 50s, and hasn't really been popular until relatively recently. In 2010 it was #45 in the Welsh name charts, so, um, yes, sorry first poster, Welsh people do use it and it's not old-fashioned. I think you must be confusing it with Gladys or Dilys or Nerys. [noted -ed]
-- Pie  11/22/2011
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas's second baby is called Carys Zeta-Douglas.
-- carys copestake  12/27/2004
It is pronounced ka-ris.
-- carys copestake  12/27/2004
Carys is a really lovely name and has a wonderful meaning.
-- Anonymous User  4/28/2005
It's a great name to have... except when you have to repeat it to everyone you meet! They always call you Karen, or Carol and sometimes even worse! Once people understand the name however, it takes their breath away.
-- carys morgan  7/24/2005
I am naming my daughter Carys (unless it becomes so totally popular). This name has everything in it that I love. The meaning is perfect. I love the sound of it. It's different and Welsh (I love Welsh names). It is sweet and beautiful. I LOVE IT!
-- Anonymous User  6/22/2006
Although Caryn is usually a form of Karen, often Welsh parents connect it to "caru", so it's related to Carys. I love this name! It's so gorgeous -- all of the "caru" names are, IMO. Is it pronounced KA-ris or ka-RIS? I love it either way.
-- CamilleTheGreat  7/3/2006
This is an incredibly beautiful name for a girl. I was given 2 different pronunciations for this name, Care-is or I was told to say the name Carissa and leave off the "sa" at the end of it when saying the name.
-- Anonymous User  7/24/2006
Many people mistakenly pronounce Carys the same as Cerys when in fact Carys is pronounced KAH-ris and Cerys is pronounced Keh-ris/Kare-ris.
-- Elea  8/29/2006
Carys actually derives from câr which means love in Welsh. Therefore, Carys means love or loved one.
-- carysw  9/23/2006
I like Carys a lot. I'd like to name my daughter Carys Grace.
-- sunbeam  3/3/2007
I don't understand why so many people like Carys on this website. I find it kind of overrated.
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2007
Nobody calls their daughters Carys in Wales because it's like Ethel and Mildred in the sense that in English speaking countries they are considered too old fashioned. Even though I am part Welsh I greatly prefer the Greek (unrelated name) Charis.
-- Anonymous User  4/5/2007
I think this name is beautiful! It sounds so pretty and the meaning is wonderful! I have heard it pronounced "Care-ris."
-- elysa  7/14/2007
My daughter's name is Carys and I find it so beautiful. Her nickname is Ryssie I find it much cuter and less typical than Carry.
-- Anonymous User  10/27/2007
Carys is actually a very popular name in Wales.
-- Sforzando  11/15/2007
This is a beautiful name, and the meaning is lovely. I like that it's spelt with a c and not a k.
-- alyce  7/14/2008
Ok, so as a proud bearer of the name, it is pronounced KAH-ris. Not Care-is (That's more like Cerys, which I prefer slightly) or Car-is or Ka-RIS (though that's bearable.
-- Jammie  8/26/2008
British actress Catherine Jones and Michael Demskiy's second baby is called Carys Demskaya.
-- Emilie007  8/30/2008
I have been told that the name Carys means “beloved” in Welsh. I am Welsh, and my granddaughter was born in Wales (Bangor) and is called Carys.
-- Captain_Ovlov  4/26/2010
This is one of the best female Welsh names. The meaning and the sound is so nice. Actors Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas knew something about names when they chose to name their daughter Carys. And she's so adorable.
-- Cardin  1/4/2012
You are incorrect about two things: First, this name is in fact used in Wales, its currently rated #229. Second, it is not an old name, unless this website is incorrect because it states the name is relatively modern having only been around since the mid 20th century (around the 50's or 60's). Anyway, to add my personal opinion, I have to agree with the person who doesn't get why everyone loves this name. It's not terrible, but the fact that it's modern turns me off and the y in the middle looks odd. That may be because I don't like many welsh names though.
-- Anonymous User  8/3/2013
Hello, my name is Carys. I just adore this name, because it's unique! I'm from the UK, London. But my name is from the UK, Wales! I like that it's not the same boring thing. This is my opinion. But the name Carys: Welsh! Meaning: A Loved one. ❤️.
-- Carys Lily Jane  2/13/2015

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