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I personally pronounce my name KAS-ee-an, which is how my great great grandfather pronounced his name.
xeyr  10/26/2005
Like Cassius, this name could be pronounced either [KASH-en] or [KAS-see-an] (compare pronunciations for Cassius: [KASH-us] or [KAS-see-us]).
LoQuiero  2/6/2008
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/6/2014
In Germany, we pronounce the name something like KUS-see-uhn.
Nevian  12/2/2014
Lovely name and should be pronounced correctly, Cash-en. I'm annoyed by the few movies that have come out lately with characters named Cassian pronounced Cass-ee-en.
breprih  2/28/2017
The name is also pronounced 'Cass-ee-in'.
Love this name!
CharmingBabyNames  8/3/2017

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