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This is a nice name. If it wasn't my name I would probably name my child Cassie. A pretty middle name is Melissa.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2005
I really like this name. I would love to have this name. It's so nice and sounds so peaceful.
Krystal4ever  8/12/2005
This is my name (not short for Cassandra or Cassidy etc). I prefer Cassie as a full name, not a nickname.
mum2bubba  10/21/2005
I think Cassie is a wonderful name. Just because it's mine, I'm not partial or anything. :) But it is short for Casandra.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2005
I named my second daughter this so this name is special to me. It is not short for anything. Cassie JoAnna is her full name and she is beautiful.
jaimetj  4/7/2006
There is an actress on Degrassi the Next Generation named Cassie Steel.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2006
This is the name of the main character in Mildred Taylor's "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry."
DLB  8/30/2006
I knew a girl who was called Cassie, but her given name was Catherine.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2007
This name is also short for Cassandra. [noted -ed]
CharlieRob  5/6/2007
Yeh, I have the name too! Mine is short For Cassandra, but we often put Cassiopeia on forms because it's a cool name! It's quite cool though because you can have 2 short names. Generally people call me Cass instead. When you get older people do that more I find!
CassBlack  7/23/2007
Cassie is the name of a song by the band Flyleaf. The song is talking about The Columbine killings. Supposedly a girl named Cassie was asked if she believed in god and she said yes and they killed her.
scott  10/25/2007
I like this name starting with a K, like Kassie. I have met two Cassie/Kassies. One spelled her name Cassie, and the other Kassie. I prefer Kassie.
Patricia Underwood  2/18/2008
Cassie Rene' Bernall was one of the 13 students killed in the Columbine High Masecre in Colorado on April 20, 1999. She was born on November 6, 1981 and up until 9th grade was a good kid. Then she became mixed up with the wrong crowd. But eventually Cassie became a Christian. On April 20, 199 two teenaged killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold came up to Cassie in the library. "Do you believe in God?" Eric asked her. "Yes." Cassie answered. They asked her why, although they didn't give her time to answer. Eric slammed his hand onto the table top and yelled, "Peek-a-boo!" before fatally shooting Cassie Bernall on the right side of her face. Cassie became a martyr to many people. And soon after her death, her mother, Mist Bernall wrote a biography about Cassie's life entitled: "She Said Yes". The book tells how Cassie and another one of her friends engaged in talk that wasn't "PG". Cassie turned her life around on March 8th. Her mother states in the book that she is glad Cassie was saved before it was too late. And by "too late", she means before Eric Harris and Dylan klebold killed her. This story shocked me, and I have grown to love this name even more.
Patricia Underwood  2/20/2008
Um, sorry Miss Patricia Underwood... but you are misinformed. The popular RUMOR is that Cassie Bernall was the one who "said yes" although witnesses say otherwise, citing that fellow student (and survivor) Valeen Schnurr, who, when approached by Eric Harris, she let out a plea of "Dear God, please help me," which prompted Mr. Harris to ask her "Do you believe in God?" which resulted in the famous exchange that was mistakenly attributed to Miss Bernall.
Although Cassie Bernall will be sorely missed and her death has had a profound effect on many, she did NOT deserve these songs and books written about her when they should ACTUALLY be about Valeen Schnurr, who is hardly known, which in my humble opinion is very unjust.
DaphneSusan  12/20/2010
I think Cassie makes a good "full" name as well. From my experience parents often feel the need to name their child the "full" or "original" name so that their child can be called the nickname.
tu_es_faux  3/8/2008
Cassie is one of the main characters from the 2007 British teen drama "Skins". She is a gentle and compassionate teenage girl suffering from anorexia nervosa. She is portrayed by English actress Hannah Murray.
tu_es_faux  3/8/2008
There is a song from Flyleaf called Cassie.
ilovespencerc  3/24/2008
I loathe this name, it doesn't sound good at all. It's also quite nickname-y and thus a bit too youthful to be the actual name of a woman. Go for Cassandra instead, if this is what you like.
slight night shiver  4/20/2008
I quite like Cassie as a nickname for Cassandra/Cassiopeia/Cassainee/etc, but I have to say that I prefer CassY, with a Y - it just seems neater, somehow.
Emilie Autumn Fan  8/31/2008
I don't really like this name. It sounds soap opera-ish. I don't like it as a nickname for the obnoxious Cassidy, but it's okay when it's short for Cassandra.
bananarama  8/10/2009
Pronounced KAH-see.
MaggieSimpson  1/1/2010
My very first best friend was named Cassie. The name really fit her with her blonde hair and blue eyes because the name is soft and gentle. This is a very pretty name!
― Anonymous User  5/9/2010
I really liked this name when I was about 8. Now I realise that it is very light, overly-feminine and insubstantial. I think it is simply CRUEL to name somebody Cassie rather than Cassandra. At least Cassandra sounds like a real, dignified name, and you can pick the prettier nickname Cass, Sandy, or Sandra.
DaphneSusan  12/20/2010
I have a cousin (well, second cousin, but it's practically the same thing, right?) who is named Cassandra. She does not particularly care for her name, as she is a bit tomboyish, but instead goes by Cassie. Personally I like Cassandra more than Cassie. *shrug* Very pretty.
blondieboo629  11/28/2011
My sister's name is Cassie, not short for anything, just Cassie Ann. I think the name fits her well and is a beautiful name.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2012
The name Cassie was given to 207 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
Cassie is the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers in Space and the second half of Power Rangers Turbo.
PinkJazzX  9/24/2014
I love the name Cassie it's a name you can name a little girl and a grown lady. It's so sweet it's something you would name a little straight A student!:) so cute!
Alexia09  9/25/2015
I love the name Cassie, but it feels like it would be a bad name for an adult. Use Cassandra/Cassidy/Cassiopeia/Other names starting with Cass for a name, and use Cassie for a nickname.
― Anonymous User  11/12/2015
My name is Cassie and I hate it. I used to get called gassie Cassie in school... anyway I would want a different name.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2015
Cassiopeia "Cassie" Sullivan is the main protagonist of the novel "The 5th Wave" and the upcoming movie with the same name.
― Anonymous User  1/10/2016
Cassie Logan is the 9 year old narroter of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and the Logan family sagas by author Mildred D. Taylor, who wrote many books for children. Her brothers are Stacey, Christopher-John, and Little Man (Clayton Chester.) She is naive in the face of racism, and is just learning, but won't accept, how she is treated. There is also film adaptations starring Morgan Freeman. Cassie is known to be a strong, prideful, tough, smart character. Mildred Taylor wrote these books so that racism and discrimination would end, and so racism will not be forgotten.

There is also a singer and dancer named Cassie, short for Casandra, with one S. She is also known for R&B, hip hop, and pop. She is also well known for modeling. She is known for working with Nicki Minaj on several songs.

Cassie is good as a name, full or as a nickname for a longer name such as Cassidy, Cassandra, Cassiopeia, etc.

You could also use Cassi, Cassy, Cass, or Cassia, if you don't like Cassie.

*Some people don't like Cassie. I and others think it's a fine name.
Eileen1209864  5/7/2016
The name Cassie was given to 191 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
It's a cute name for a girl.
Jake Fax  7/17/2016
While my full name is Cassandra, the majority of my family members and friends call me "Cassie". I spent years disliking the name as a child for teasing-related reasons (a mean boy in grade school once came up with the limerick "Cassie's ass-y's really gassy" and would tease me with it incessantly... and don't even get me started on trying to introduce myself in pig-Latin!). I finally grew to like the name after experiencing some much-needed disassociation while watching a one-season-wonder show called "The Secret Circle" on The CW. The show's main protagonist's name is Cassie, and the way all of the characters in the show say her name— particularly the boyfriend character— made me realize how pretty it actually is! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of disassociation to realize that you like something for others that you just don't happen to like for yourself! (Not unlike an ill-fitting dress that looks great on someone else.)
I would absolutely recommend considering naming your child "Cassie" or a longer variation there-of, as it is a name that offers many possibilities for nicknames (from Cassandra: Cassie, Cass, Cece, Cee, Sandy), and is pretty and feminine while still being grown-up enough to follow one through to adulthood. Just remember that, like with any name that has an unsavoury word or phrase in it (ie. "Amanda/A Man, Duh!" or "Killian/Kill Ian"), kids can be cruel and your child may endure teasing for the word "ass" residing in their name. Good luck!
casstwb  7/26/2016
Cassie is my name. But some of my friends call me Cas. But I am mostly called Cassie. I like it. And sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I think it sounds a bit posh. I don't know. I would prefer to be called Lucy.
cas246  11/25/2016
Cassie Scerbo is an American actress, singer and dancer. She is best known for her roles as Brooke in Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007), as Lauren Tanner in Make It or Break It (2009–12), and as Nova Clarke in Sharknado (2013) and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015).
lilolaf  3/3/2017
This name sounds childish and tacky, and it's just too 'nicknamey' for my taste.
― Anonymous User  7/18/2017

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