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A book in the "American Girls: Girls of Many Lands" collection is called "Cecile: Gates of Gold."
― Anonymous User  7/9/2006
Cecile Volanges was a character in "Dangerous Liasons", as well as in the movie and teen adaptation "Cruel Intentions". Cecile was also my late grandmothers name. I've always prefered Cecilia, but I still like Cecile a lot.
ClaraWhittaker  3/9/2007
Cecile Dionne is one of the Dionne quintuplets. She and her sisters were taken away from their parents because of abuse. To read more about them visit:
Ivy Reese  3/24/2008
Sesame Street occasionally features a character named Cecile who is a blues-singing ball of orange clay with big red lips who can change herself into any shape she likes. Her segments deal with emotions and being yourself.
elizabeth hamlet  2/1/2009
Cecile Chaminade French composer.
Anton  3/12/2010
Cécile De France is a actress from Belgium.
Antique_Cherub  8/15/2010
Cecile (1100-1125) was the daughter of King Philippe I of France and his second wife Bertrada.
CarolinW  6/13/2012
Absolutely beautiful. I love this and Cecilia. Nicknames such as Cissy, Ceece, and Cee Cee are fun.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  2/28/2017

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