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Cecilie is pronouced "Seh-SEEL-yeh".
Nerd  1/13/2007
A common nickname for Cecilie is Cille (pronounced "SEE-leh"). Almost all the girls with the name Cecilie I have known were called Cille.
Nerd  1/13/2007
Can also be spelled Cæcilie, but Cecilie is more common.
Nerd  1/13/2007
Cecilie is very popular in Denmark. I think it's a sweet name, but I wish it meant something else than "blind"!
elliebeth  2/15/2007
Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark (1911-1937) was the wife of Hereditary Grand Duke George Donatus of Hesse and the sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She died in an aeroplane crash along with her husband and sons.
Kate  1/5/2008
This is by far the most beautiful name. So simple yet so enigmatic. Did I mention that owner of the name is the love of my life? Sadly it means blind, and she is in every aspect, I might've wanted her to see in.
Apollo  5/26/2008
Listen to the German pronunciation of Cecilie here:
_satu_  5/11/2009
The only time I've heard this name it was pronounced se-SIL-ee.
MtotheK  7/2/2009
I haven't been blessed to meet anyone with my exact name and get it mispronounced constantly. My parents pronounced it Seh sill lee. I'm hoping it becomes more popular in the United States.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2015

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