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In the Irish form Ciulenn or Cullen, a magical figure in Fenian cycle, lord of the fairy mound at Sliab Cuilinn.

A 5th century monument from Wroxeter records the name of as Coline. In the late 6th century Ceawlin, Ceaulin or Caelin, was a king of the Gewisse in what was to become Wessex. Caewlin's successor bears the name Ceól, which may represent a version assimilated to the Saxon word for a long ship.

The modern Gaelic version of he name is Cuileann, easily confused with Cuilean (earlier Cuilén), which means "pup".
thegriffon  5/19/2012
I really like this name, even though I'm normally not a fan of Welsh names beginning with a hard 'C'. For some reason, names beginning with a 'KELL' sound always sound strong to me. And I like the meaning; anything that reminds me of Christmas is a-okay in my book!
EchoSketcher  9/7/2010
This seems like it would be a nice middle name. I probably wouldn't give it as a first name, because it sounds rather feminine and people would forever be mispronouncing it.
wishenough  9/27/2008
It seems that this name is used more for females than males, or at least perceived as feminine. This may be because of the meaning 'holly' or sound such as 'lyn' that is in many English feminine names.
nafer1  8/6/2008
My name is Kelin, the Irish spelling of this name. In Irish it means 'slender' and I find it really interesting to see it spelled this way.
karai9  11/18/2007
It would be a nice name for a baby born at Christmas time too. It is a nice name but pronunciation gets me every time.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2006
I found my name here on this website and had never heard of anyone having the same name. My father's name is Cesar and my mother's name is Lynda. They took the Ce and Lyn and just put it together. That is crazy that there is a real meaning to my name. After all these years.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2005
Actually this name is not pronounced "See-lynn", as I am assuming yours is. This name is pronounced "Kellin".
1crzychick  11/10/2006

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